Secure, Efficient Methods of Receiving Customer Payments Online

Remember when people used to say, “the check is in the mail?” Things have changed a lot in recent years, and this is great news for your business. Now that people can use the world-wide web to buy products and services, and even to pay bills, companies can reach a wider audience and significantly increase sales locally, nationally—even globally.

So how, exactly, can they do this? Payment gateways offer the best credit card merchant services and payment processing services to efficiently and securely process payments over the internet. Here are a list of ways customers can make payments through a payment gateway.

ACH Processing

Not all customers have easy access to a credit or debit card, and ACH payment processing makes it possible for customers to send an eCheck instantly over the internet through a safe and secure payment gateway. Accepting checks electronically through a PCI DSS compliant payment gateway will drastically reduce credit card fraud compared paper checks.

Digital Wallets

eWallets are convenient and easy to use. They protect a user’s information and their transactions from identity theft using state-of-the-art encryption technologies and software.

Digital wallets can be accessed through mobile apps or tablets, making them a convenient way to instantly purchase products and services with a click of a button. Digital wallets offer some of the best credit card merchant services and customer services around. Digital wallets keep payment information secure and in one place, making them convenient and secure.

Credit and Debit Card Processing

A payment gateway allows businesses to safely accept credit and debit card payments from anywhere in the world, and offer the best credit card merchant services at affordable prices. The payment gateway uses your internet site’s existing shopping cart page to allow real-time payments to be made. Payment gateways can also host a customized cart on your website for the same purpose. Set up credit and debit card payments as subscriptions to allow recurring payments at specified intervals. This lets merchants and customers view and manage their payment schedules.

The Best Credit Card Merchant Services Online

Allied Wallet, a global payment gateway company, provides the best credit card merchant services with dozens of payment methods available, like eWallet and ACH processing at low and affordable rates. Allied Wallet is PCI DSS level 1 compliant and accepts and processes payments from over 195 countries around the world. Its state of the art security systems and encryption technologies keep sensitive information completely private and protected at all times. When looking for the safest, most efficient ways to receive payments from your customers, Allied Wallet is your best choice. For more information about Allied Wallet and its services, contact its 24-hour, 7 days a week customer support team at

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