Payment Processors That Ensure a Secure Checkout

In order to be successful in business, merchants need to offer their customers a variety of ways to pay for products and services. That means being able to process credit and debit card transactions. Payment processors can give your customers the flexibility to use the payment type they want. You need a processor that can handle your customers’ payment preference in a safe and secure manner.

Regulatory Compliance

Because electronic and card payments can be vulnerable to fraud and theft, they are highly regulated. PCI or payment card industry compliance is mandatory for every business that accepts payment via credit and debit cards. PCI compliance not only protects your business and your clients from security breaches, it’s also the law. Some payment processors will assume your PCI responsibility, others will not. At Allied Wallet we offer Level 1 PCI-DSS compliance on every single one of our services so you can ensure a safe and secure checkout for your

Fraud Scrub
The primary function of payment processors is to facilitate credit card transactions. Perhaps more importantly, the payment processor will carry out a number of anti-fraud measures to ensure the transaction is authentic.

Fraud scrubbing is just one of the many measures processors use to help eliminate fraud.

Fraud scrubbing uses a number of tools to determine the likelihood of fraud for each transaction. Using information like IP address, geolocation, and other deductive tools, fraud scrubbing can help reduce fraud and ensure safe and secure checkouts.


In order to ensure secure financial transactions, some payment processors will use data encryption to protect vital information. Encryption doesn’t protect data from interception. In fact, the past few years have clearly demonstrated that no digital information can remain completely obscured. Instead, encryption ensures that even if the data is intercepted it cannot be deciphered and understood.

Allied Wallet employs a highly sophisticated encryption algorithm initially designed by the NSA. This extra level of security will give you the peace of mind to know that your customers’ private financial information is protected and safe.

Ultimately, the best payment processors won’t rely on just one of the security measures listed above. They will use a combination of all, and may include a few more security features to further ensure that private information remain private.

Allied Wallet for a Secure Checkout

When you’re choosing a payment processor to help facilitate payment transactions in your store or on your website choose the one that offers great security options at affordable pricing.

Allied Wallet has developed the most secure processing technology available. We work tirelessly to ensure that our merchants, and their customers, are safe from the risks of online fraud and breaches. We utilize persistent monitoring so that you can offer your clients a safe and secure checkout. Call us today to discuss your payment processing needs.

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