Payment Gateway Providers Usher in New Business

Merchants, take a walk in your customers’ shoes for a moment. When you visit an ecommerce website, what are the top aspects that would qualify as deal-breakers?

  1. Sure, it’s great if they offer the product you’re longing for, but if their website is difficult to use, you may get fed up enough to shop elsewhere.
  2. Even if the merchant does have a user-friendly website, it’s game over should they be unable to accept your type of credit card.
  3. Lastly, there’s always that voice in the back of your head questioning whether or not supplying a lesser-known merchant with your important information is a good idea. Sure, you may really like the product, but is it worth jeopardizing your identity, should their servers be insecure? The haunting reminder of identity theft and an attempt to grasp at some form of security may send your customers shopping elsewhere.

Many factors go into creating a successful business, but if your business is lacking in any of these three areas, it may be difficult to thrive. If you want to keep your current customers happy and usher in new business, partner with one of the most trusted payment gateway providers in the industry: Allied Wallet. Whether you are a small, family business or a large company who could use a little bit of assistance, we’ll help make your business all it can be.

Amazing Customer Experience

As one of the top payment gateway providers in the industry, we pledge to not only help our merchants with management, but to dedicate ourselves to their customers.

When customers have an amazing experience on an ecommerce website—and we’re including the overall website, as well as the checkout software—not only will they be open to coming back in the future, but they’ll spread the word. Ushering in new business is very important to your business’s growth, but the true core stands with the initial impression of those very first customers.

A Place in the Global Market

Not all payment gateway providers can give your business the ability to accept 164 different currencies, settle in 25 currencies, and process payments from 196 different countries—but that’s because they aren’t Allied Wallet. Ecommerce is about dissolving boundaries and widening horizons, and with Allied Wallet, you can usher in new business like you wouldn’t believe. Our payment gateway accepts a wide range of credit cards, European Direct Debit cards, and even ACH payments. Basically, by partnering with us, you’ll be able to accept pretty much anything under the sun.

Security You Can Depend On

No matter the size of your business, your customers can be sure that their important information is safe with you. Not all payment gateway providers can say that they uphold the highest security standards, but Allied Wallet can. By pairing with us, you’ll be able to take advantage of a wide variety of security features, including our customisable fraud scrub, securely encrypted 128 bit SSL (which will keep your data communication safe), and PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance. Sure, our security standards are strict, but that’s what keeps your customers’ information safe and your business trustworthy.

Working with payment gateway providers is a great way to usher in new business, especially when that provider is Allied Wallet. For any questions regarding other ways Allied Wallet can benefit your business, contact us today!

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