Online Security and Protection for E-Commerce Sites

As time goes by, the number of e-commerce data breaches continues to increase. This is due partly to the surge in e-commerce’s popularity and the neglectful nature people often have in online security. As e-commerce continues to grow, websites become larger targets for hackers. Popular e-commerce sites hold, on average, about 50,000 to 100,000 personal records in their databases. It’s important that they keep these files protected and avoid using cheap or free security tools that are easily cracked.

If you are a website administrator, designer, or programmer who builds or maintains e-commerce sites, these tips cab help you to protect your websites:

1. Encrypting Data
Encrypting data at all times lowers the success rate of online attackers in their attempts to penetrate the security of any kind of website. It’s important to avoid storing sensitive data in clouds. Instead, keep it encrypted. Though, keep in mind that the PCI standards forbid the storing of sensitive authentication data after an authorisation is complete, even if it’s encrypted.
2. Keeping Multiple In-Depth Strategies
Being excessive in your online security and using multiple in-depth strategies that overlap and support different systems are a crucial aspects of protecting your website against failures and breaches.
3. Keeping All of Your Sites Isolated from Each Other
Separating a blog, user forum, and auction site under the banner of the main site is another great way to protect your website. If they are all hosted on the same server, they can all be brought down together.
4. Being Vigilant With Updates
Always keep up to date with the services that are being used with careful attention to patches and updates.
5. Robust Security System and Cyber Insurance

It may not fully protect your websites from cyber-attacks; however, a robust security system will cover damages if an attack occurs.

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