Online Payment Gateways: The Next Step in Merchant Services

Smart business sometimes, well… many times, means delegation. You are not expected to be an expert in all aspects of your business. While you may love marketing, you might be awful at accounting. In order to reduce money woes, you hire an accountant. If you aren’t an expert in web design, and the thought of maintaining your own website makes you lose sleep at night, hiring a web designer will be money well spent. Your job is to be passionate and driven to create your small business culture and products.

If you are looking to branch out into online credit card sales, investing in an online payment gateway is smart. Credit card merchant services vary from company to company, but you can gain expertise and ease by hiring the right gateway for your small business.

Services and Set Up
Which credit card merchant services are right for your small business? Payment gateways often offer a variety of payment services that you can choose from. At Allied Wallet, our credit card merchant services vary from QuickPay services to payroll services to full payment gateway options. When choosing your online payment gateway partner, choose one that is willing to work with you to determine what you need. Here at Allied Wallet, we understand that you might not even know which credit card merchant services are right for your growing business. We are here to walk you through the options and give you the best information possible in order for you to make a well thought out decision.

When choosing your online payment gateway company, also consider the speed of set up. When you have made the decision to add credit card processing as an ordering option for your customers, you don’t want to wait for months to set up the payment gateway. When you work with Allied Wallet, we have you ready to accept all major credit cards as payment in as little as twelve hours.

Security and Extras
Your credit card merchant services should also include outstanding security features. Your customers want and need to feel confident that their credit card and other personal information is safe and secure during online payment with your website. Allied Wallet is PCI Compliant, making safety and fraud prevention our number one priority.

With the Internet offering small businesses the chance to be accessed across the world, your payment gateway should also be experienced and well-versed in global economy issues. When you partner with us at Allied Wallet, you gain the ability to accept 164 different currencies. We work in 195 countries and are ready to help your small business navigate the overwhelming waters of global payments and business.

Finally, services provided by your payment gateway partner should include top notch customer service. Here at Allied Wallet, we know that you aren’t always working during normal business hours, and that emergencies can happen at any time of day. We offer all of our clients access to customer service representatives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team is available to work with you no matter what time or day of the week.

Partnering with Allied Wallet is a smart investment in your small business, as well as in your own personal mental health. We’ll take care of the credit card payments, you take care of growing your business.

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