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Since 1974, NACHA, The Electronic Payments Association, has successfully administered and maintained private-sector operating rules (“NACHA Operating Rules“) governing the exchange of ACH payments. They defined the roles and responsibilities of financial institutions and other participants in the ACH Network. The NACHA Operating Rules work in concert with applicable laws and regulations to provide legal and business foundations for the use of ACH payments.

The NACHA Operating Rules are amended through a deliberative and inclusive process similar to that used by federal agencies under the Administrative Procedures Act. This allows participants in the ACH Network (ie. commercial banks, community banks, credit unions, large corporation, small businesses, consumer advocates, industry vendors) the opportunity to comment on proposed rule changes.

Private-sector policy writing provides the flexibility required to promptly identify and respond to participant requirements and new technologies. With this flexibility, the NACHA Operating Rules promotes innovation, efficiency, and provides security and certainty regarding ACH payments.


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