Merchant Processing Services: Breaking Down a Complex Process

In this day in age, shopping online has become a mainstream option for those with busy schedules, a lack of transportation, or simply a loving relationship with their couch. However, even though many individuals see online shopping as a groundbreaking convenience, it doesn’t mean that they don’t feel anxiety when finalizing their every transaction. Fear of identity thieves lurking in the bowels of the internet and preparing to attack is more realistic than you may think—and it’s no laughing matter.

When even the big-name corporations are in the news due to recent security breaches, how are you supposed to give your consumers peace of mind? I’ll tell you how: partner up with one of the most trusted internet payment service providers in the industry, Allied Wallet. For a taste of the diverse merchant processing services that we can provide for your business, beyond our unparalleled security, let’s delve into our process:

Payment Gateway

Payment gateway is one of our most important merchant processing services, and for good reason—paired with our impenetrable security measures, it is one of the features that will make you a key player in the global market. You’ll be able to accept all credit cards through our services, as well as ACH payments and European Direct Debit cards. Also, you will be able to process transactions in 196 countries, work with 164 currencies, and accept “real time” payments.

ACH Service

Our merchant processing services also include the ability to accept ACH payments online, improving your cash flow and maintaining security at an affordable rate. Don’t waste time and money with paperless check processing, leave the hassle of payroll and cash management behind, and stop taking unnecessary trips to the bank. Opt for the simple, cost-effective, green solution. For more information, look into all of the benefits of our ACH processing.


When it comes to a choosing a solution perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, QuickPay is one of our most beloved merchant processing services. QuickPay is a fast and affordable way to accept credit cards, and it can be integrated into your shopping cart and order management software with remarkable ease. If you find yourself needing a hand with organization or general business management, we’ve got it covered.

Other features include use of our customer tracking and profit reporting tools, 24-hour customer service, and phone, email, and live chat support. Your consumers can rest easy knowing that all transactions are protected by our secure servers, using PCI Level 1 Compliant technology and our customisable Fraud Scrub, and you can finally breathe again.

Business Pro

If you’re already taking care of business on your own, but you want a solution that can help you maximize your growth exponentially, Allied Wallet’s Business Pro is one of the best merchant processing services for you. Business Pro is our most advanced payment processing solution available, and it provides seasoned businesses with the fine tuning they need in order to stay above the competition. Business Pro focuses on creating an exceptional customer experience, making things simpler behind the scenes, and providing top-of-the-line customisation options for their allies—including a customized payment page and personalized branding.

Call for More Information

If you have any questions about our merchant services, call, email, or live chat with our support team today!

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