Merchant Accounts: The Basics

In the most simple terms, merchant accounts are a kind of bank account that allow a business to accept credit and debit card payments. This kind of account is established between an organization and business so that customers can pay for goods and services using electronic payments, like payment cards.

Yes, We Take Cards

If you want to conduct business in the modern world, you need to accept forms of electronic payment. Accepting credit and debit cards has never been easier for businesses. Wi-fi and mobile devices allow customers and vendors to purchase and sell with credit cards virtually everywhere.

Whether you sell organic produce at the local farmers market, conduct your business online, or operate a chain of brick and mortar locations, you need to accept payment cards to stay in business, which means you’ll need a merchant account. This allows you to offer the convenience and impulsivity of payment card purchasing.


Merchant accounts provide a highly important aspect of conducting business: they safely and securely facilitate the processing of the transaction. Because these accounts provide an often complex financial transaction, they are also associated with a number of fees. Some of these fees are linked to setup, initialization, security, or maintenance costs. These tend to be periodic, if they repeat at all.

These accounts also carry a number of recurring fees. These are typically charged on a per-transaction basis or as a percentage. Pricing can also vary based on a number of different factors such as volume, type of business, credit rating, risk of account, even the manner in which the card information is keyed into the gateway.

Support When You Need It

When looking for merchant accounts for your business, it’s important to find a solid account provider that offers security, trustworthiness, and fair, affordable pricing. You also don’t want to be left alone once you open your account. That’s why great customer support is important as well. If there’s one guarantee about business, it’s that the unexpected will always happen.

When you’re looking for an account provider, make sure they provide personalized service with superior support. Problems arise at inopportune times, and you want to know that someone can answer your questions and help you navigate dilemmas 24/7.


Merchant accounts aren’t just about processing sales; it’s also about services. A good account provider will have a variety of tracking, managing, and sales options to help you grow your business and increase your earnings potential. Your account can help you process payments on your website, create databases, and operate a safe and secure business.

We Have the Solution

Allied Wallet is your one-stop payment solution provider. If you’re interested in a well-established, dependable, and affordable account for your merchant needs, then we’ve got you covered. Our safe, secure services offer a wide range of payment processing services and solutions. Contact us today.

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