Meet Dr. Andy Khawaja, Founder and CEO at Allied Wallet

Dr. Andy Khawaja, CEO and Founder of Allied Wallet, is a world renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist. Due to his deep involvement and many contributions in technology, finance, and economic growth he has been featured in over 100 publications as a leader and expert in his field.

Here, we’ll get to know Dr. Andy Khawaja a little better.

An Eye for Opportunity

“I saw an opportunity to improve the way people shop, so I innovated procedures and security measures and built one of the world’s fastest growing companies.”

As an executive at FinTech, Dr. Khawaja looked for opportunities to improve the way customers and business owners conducted financial transactions. He studied the way people shop and pay for products and noticed an opportunity to improve payment procedures and enhance security measures.

Because he began his career with a “desire to build, innovate, and improve,” Dr. Khawaja studied the way in which financial transactions were conducted and found opportunity to make them better. He found “certain gaps in commerce that needed to be filled.” He started Allied Wallet to make that vision a reality.

Drive and Motivation

“It’s important to stay motivated and focused…I attribute my success to my personal motivation.”

Staying motivated can be a real challenge for many in their career. Work can feel like, well, work. For self-motivated individuals like Dr. Andy Khawaja, it’s about finding the passion and the heart of the work that keeps him motivated.

Finding motivation in the success of others is a hallmark of Dr. Andy Khawaja’s innovations with Allied Wallet. When Allied Wallet’s merchants succeed so too does Allied Wallet.

Dr. Khawaja finds his motivation in the success of others. He has a passion for education and hard, smart work. By providing others with the tools they need to succeed he finds success.

“Helping other businesses grow. This is what motivates me.”

The Road Ahead

“I see a growing global market where people are able to shop online regardless of borders…I also see payments becoming increasingly digital.”

The growth of the global economy directly correlates to the growth of the web. We’re connected now more than ever before. This more connected digital, global economy requires new, innovative payment solutions.

With newer, digital forms of payment becoming the norm, “we will find and create new ways to pay and exchange currency.”

A Tip From a Business Pro

“Factor a positive, well-paid, top-notch staff into your cost of doing business.”

If there is one overriding theme to Dr. Khawaja’s method for success with Allied Wallet, it’s the importance of giving back. Dr. Khawaja emphasizes charitable giving as well as offering competitive salaries and unique benefits to retain an excellent staff.

Investing in your business isn’t just about the bottom line, it’s also about who helps you run your business. When your staff is treated fairly and has passion for the work it sets your business up for success.

Excellence Personified

If you really want to get to know Dr. Andy Khawaja, acquaint yourself with Allied Wallet. Allied Wallet’s attention to detail, innovative solutions, and unmatched services all emanate from the singular vision of its founder and CEO—Dr. Khawaja.

Read more about Dr. Andy Khawaja from his Forbes Finance Council interview here:

Meet Dr. Andy Khawaja, Founder and CEO at Allied Wallet

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