Key Factors That the Top Payment Gateways Have in Common

When you’re choosing a payment gateway that will act as the heart of your e-commerce business’s transaction processing system, you want to pick one that brings the most functionality, providing a feature set with tools that will make your everyday business operations safer, easier and more flexible. But before you can choose your favorite bells and whistles, you need to make sure that your chosen payment gateway is strong on the fundamentals. To assess whether a payment gateway you’re considering has the essentials covered, it’s helpful to consider the key factors that the top payment gateways have in common.

Strong Fundamentals of Quality Payment Gateways

Some of the top payment gateways that you may have heard of include PayPal, Allied Wallet, MerchantExpress, WorldPay, and 2Checkout. Each of these industry leaders has its own unique features, but many of them share a number of significant traits that are essential elements of any great payment gateway:

  • Easy Implementation: You don’t want to spend large quantities of your valuable time setting up your payment system and waiting for it to be operational. That’s why the top payment gateways, including PayPal and Allied Wallet, are operational on the same business day that you apply to use them. This helps you stop setting up and start selling sooner.
  • Affordable Rates: You need to find a way to process payments that won’t break your company’s budget. Top payment gateways will always provide you with great service at a realistic rate.
  • Customer Support: One of the best things that your payment gateway can provide for you, especially if you’re operating a small business, is support for your payment processing services. There are a number of different types of avenues for customer support that your payment gateway service can provide, including phone, email, support ticket, and online chat support services.
  • Support for Multiple Forms of Payment: The best payment service providers will present a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the types of payment you can accept from your customers. In addition to supporting major credit cards, it’s helpful to investigate the currencies that your chosen payment processing provider supports, as well as alternate payment methods like ACH.

While not all major players in the payment gateways execute each of these key factors in the exact same way, you’ll find that these features are essential parts of what has helped position each of the top payment gateways as an industry leader.

What Sets Allied Wallet Apart from the Competition

The world of online commerce is a truly global marketplace, and it’s incredibly important to position your business to operate with a global mindset if you want to succeed. When it comes to international payment processing, Allied Wallet stands head and shoulders above the other major payment gateway providers. With support for 164 currencies in 196 countries, as well as a number of international credit card providers, our global payment processing eclipses all our major competitors, some of which process as few as 12 currencies. Contact us today to learn more about implementing Allied Wallet into your business operations!

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