Keep Your E-Ship Free of Scurvy

This blog post outlines the importance of Injury and Illness Protection Programs for future CEOs and aspiring entrepreneurs. did an interview with Kate Rogers to discuss her article, “Why Your Business Needs an Injury and Illness Prevention Program.” Two simple reasons why Rogers says that these programs are so important are: to maintain productivity and to save money by preventing worker’s compensation lawsuits.

According to Kate, the Department of Labor reported in 2008 that:

  • Over three million small businesses had injuries and serious illnesses in the workplace
  • Over 4,000 people died of workplace-related injuries and/or illnesses
  • Over one billion dollars are paid out each week in worker’s compensation

These statistics make it blatantly clear that workplace accidents and illnesses are common. And while protection can be a burdening expense, it is very important to safeguard your company. She details the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s three initial steps of prevention. The steps include:

  • Training managers and engaging employees in safety precautions
  • Checking workspaces and protecting against hazards
  • Reviewing your program and maintaining effective policies

According to Kate, “one out of three Americans will be disabled or seriously injured for at least six months of their earning years.” She emphasizes the importance of protection programs and insurance; and while, the monthly charges which typically start at $20 a month may seem tiresome, “the reality is that [an incident] will happen,” says Kate.

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