Invest in a Credit Card Merchant Service That Guards against Fraud

Your credit card merchant is a valuable resource for your business. It allows you to accept credit and debit card payments, which gives your business better sales opportunities and greater potential for growth. The best credit card merchant service won’t stop there; it will not only allow you to process credit card payments but will protect against and prevent fraud.

Not every credit card merchant service is the same. Some offer affordable rates but don’t include state of the art security features. Others include good security but at too high a price. Allied Wallet is committed to delivering convenient global credit card processing at highly competitive pricing.

Allied Wallet offers award winning credit card merchant services that you can count on. Contact us today for affordable credit card processing that provides state of the art security against fraud. Until then, read below on how we help our customers combat fraud every day.

Data Encryption

The internet provides unrivaled convenience for shopping. But how do you protect all that sensitive personal and financial information from falling into the wrong hands? It’s simple; partner with a great credit card merchant service that includes top notch security features.

Allied Wallet features secure data encryption that utilizes SHA-256 SSL hash functions. This data encryption algorithm was designed by the NSA to encrypt and protect sensitive data while in transit, ensuring ultimate safety with your information.

PCI Compliant

PCI DSS is an information security standard mandated by all major credit cards. Allied Wallet doesn’t force you to meet compliance yourself; we provide PCI Level 1 compliance for all your credit and debit card transactions. This credit card merchant service is provided to add another layer of protection to help keep your customers’ information safe and secure.

Fraud Scrubbing

Our customisable fraud scrub examines transactions in real time in order to determine the risk involved. By checking ISP location, geolocation, and other criteria, a determination can be made considering the validity of the transaction.

This protects you and your clients from fraudulent transactions. Our fraud scrub also helps protect your company from unreasonable chargebacks and other hits to your bottom line.

Choose a Partner

There’s a reason Allied Wallet is such a highly awarded company that has risen through the ranks of payment processors: we offer great service at affordable pricing. Our state of the art security sets the industry standard for data protection and customisation. With our combination of PCI Level 1 compliance, SHA-256 SSL data encryption, a customisable fraud scrub, and more, your sensitive information remains secure while you’re free to process payments around the globe.

Invest in a credit card merchant service that helps you process payments around the globe, grow your business, and protects you and your customers from fraud. Contact Allied Wallet today to learn more about our award winning security measures.

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