Int’l Payment Processing – France

France is renowned the world over for its high quality goods.

Everything from the finest wines to the most fashionable clothing to the best fragrances and more come from French merchants. If you operate a business in France, you owe it to yourself to capitalize on the excellent reputation for quality that comes from a business flying the Tricolor flag by expanding your marketplace well beyond the Champs Elysee or the rolling hills of Burgundy. Why not set up a French merchant account with Allied Wallet, and start reaching out to customers around the whole world?

Most businesses these days have at least some sort of website and many of these have some system in place for processing credit card payments for online websites. If your business is set up for sales, and can handle online credit card processing for French businesses or customers, that’s a good first step. If you can handle online credit card processing for European websites, better still. But with Allied Wallet as your partner, you can potentially do business with customers from all around the world! Customers in Mali could log onto your online shops and make a purchase just as easily as a shopper in Lyon could click through to your online stores. Someone living in Tokyo can do their online shopping at your website, pay using their local currency, and your French merchant account will be credited in Euros, thanks to Allied Wallet working away behind the scenes as your exchange and processing hub!

We have helped establish numerous online merchant accounts for French businesses (and for countless businesses from many other countries, too) and we’d be glad to help you start your French merchant account with Allied Wallet right away. In fact, if you get in touch with us today, you could be reaching those shopping online from distant countries by tomorrow! Make your online stores truly global by harnessing the power of the internet using Allied Wallet as your portal.

Allied Wallet’s payment processing systems will integrate with your existing systems smoothly and simply – our French merchant accounts don’t have to change the way they do business – from advertising to payment processing to shipping – at all; instead, you just keep running your business in the manner you see fit, but thanks to Allied Wallet’s systems now running along with yours, you can handle processing credit cards for online websites and shoppers that can be based anywhere and using multiple currencies.

If you have great goods and services to offer, then you should offer them to as many customers as possible. With Allied Wallet, your existing product lines and business model won’t be altered or undermined, they will merely be made available to more customers. We specialize in online credit card processing for French businesses and in making sure that customer and vendor are put together in as smooth and seamless manner as possible. It’ll be business as usual, just more of it, thanks to Allied Wallet!

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