Integrating Intuit Quickbooks with Allied Wallet

A small business that can’t process credit card payments is like a ship without a sail. If your small business has had past issues that have left you with credit problems, you may think that you will be unable to secure approval for credit card processing services. But if you partner with Allied Wallet, your ship will be back on course.

That’s thanks to our payment solutions and systems that integrate directly with your Intuit® Quickbooks™ (or similar e-commerce software carts). Your e-commerce software cart solutions can be linked to your business’ credit card processing services for free and in as little as 12 hours. We at Allied Wallet understand that many small business owners face myriad credit issues, especially in the early days of incorporation. Your Intuit payment processing bad credit may be a result of using your personal credit to establish your business credit, and we feel that you should not be made to suffer professionally for your personal dedication and investment in your business.

The payment solutions available at Allied Wallet mirror the effectiveness and the interface of Intuit Quickbooks, but we have greater flexibility and control over our payment processing services. Thus, our customers can make a painless switch to Allied Wallet’s payment solutions and be processing their customers’ credit card payments even if their own credit is less than perfect. With Allied Wallet, there is no credit check.

At Allied Wallet, we feel strongly that it’s not fair for a business to be miss out on credit card payment processing because of bad credit. A credit issue can happen from time to time with even the finest business, and in order to build credit back up, a business has to do business, after all! So Allied Wallet takes the approach of empowering and helping our partners by offering them payment solutions despite credit issues, rather than limiting them and restricting their growth potential. For this reason, Allied Wallet does not run a credit check.

If your business is reliant on Intuit payment processing, bad credit could be the start of the end for you, if you don’t get out from under the restrictive policies of many payment processing systems our competitors use. Allied Wallet knows two things you probably know well: Getting denied is never fun; and for a business getting denied credit card processing services can be crippling.

Allied Wallet takes pride in making business easier for our clients. We feel that payment processing should be just about the easiest procedure for any company, so we have worked to create systems that smoothly integrate with your established payment processing systems. You can leave behind a restrictive system and make the switch to a partnership with Allied Wallet in as little as one business day, and yes, it really is free to join up. You can even integrate Allied Wallet in tandem with your primary payment processing solution(s).

Your past credit issues or bad credit should not prohibit you from future credit card processing – that is just insult to injury. Allied Wallet empowers your business without a credit check to leave behind the yolk of bad credit hindering your payment processing ability when you are stuck with Intuit Quickbooks (or a similar system). We will get your ship under sail again.

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