How to Provide Customers with Efficient Means of Payment

Starting a small business is not for the faint of heart. You have taken your passion and ideas and built a business. You have worked hard to develop a business plan, and all of the number crunching that goes into coming up with the money to purchase your start up supplies. You have become an accountant, a CEO, a marketer, and a product manager. Congratulations, you are now a small business owner! Your business can boom with just one small step: choosing to accept credit cards online.

Take Your Business to the World
If you are still running your business out of your living room or off of your laptop on the kitchen table, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t ready to accept credit cards online. Online shopping is quickly becoming the way that millions of internet users are purchasing items. Brick and mortar stores are great, but online shopping is a formidable opponent when it comes to finding unique products for reasonable prices. In fact, recent studies have shown that 85% of internet users have purchased items online in the past month, with only 1% of internet users never shopping online at all. You must make the decision to accept credit cards online in order to harness the 99% of online users who are ready to purchase via the world wide web.

Deciding to accept credit cards online is a big decision, but one that will pay off with increased sales for your business. Not only will you rein in impulse shoppers, but the most recommended and safest payment method, as per the American Bar Association, is by credit card. Plus, once you accept credit cards online, your business will gain internet sales credibility.

Make It Easy Peasy
The impulse shopper is a key demographic to your online business success. This is the shopper who finds your page randomly and is smitten by your product while hanging out on the couch, or at the office computer during lunch break. The impulse shopper is ready to buy, but it must be easy in order for the shopper to complete the transaction, and the shopper must feel confident in the security of the payment.

When you partner with us here at Allied Wallet, we establish an easy and safe payment system. In less than twelve hours, we can enable your business to accept various credit cards online for purchases on your website. And since we are PCI Compliant and dedicated to the security of your transactions, both you and your customers can sleep well at night knowing that all payment information is secure.

Since we know that questions and situations happen all the time, not just during business hours, we offer customer service 24 hours a day, every single day. You can contact us at any time with small issues or big emergencies and we will walk you through with personal service. We are also known and recognized throughout the world. Your business can spread globally once you launch online payment services, and you need to know that your payment gateway is equipped and experienced in global situations. Allied Wallet is ready to help you with local, and global, online payment situations.

Don’t delay in giving your customers an easy way to pay for your products. Let’s join forces to increase your business sales.

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