How to Find the Right Shopping Cart Payment Gateway for Your Business

Determining what kind of payment processing you should use for your business can be complicated. With so many options available, it can seem overwhelming. There are merchant accounts, hosted gateways, non-hosted gateways, shopping carts, and shopping cart payment gateways. While all of them are connected, they are not the same thing. Knowing how you want your customers to pay will help you determine what kind of payment processing you’ll want to acquire for your business.

A shopping cart payment gateway merges both your payment authorisation portal with your eCommerce shopping cart. This integration can be incredibly beneficial to businesses that want to streamline and simplify the customer checkout experience. But before you can find the right gateway for your business, you need to know a little about your options.

Payment Gateway

Payment gateways are digital analogs to point of sale terminals in brick and mortar stores. They transmit financial data and authorize or decline payments for your site. Payment gateways facilitate the processing of transactions online.

Payment gateways come with associated fees and usage rates. When determining which shopping cart payment gateway is right for your business, ensure you’re aware of the associated fees and rates charged by your provider. Each payment provider charges different fees, so make sure their model fits your business needs today and tomorrow.

Shopping Cart

A shopping cart and a shopping cart payment gateway are not necessarily the same thing. A shopping cart allows customers to select items from your eCommerce site and places them into a virtual cart. When your customer is ready to checkout, the shopping cart software tallies the sale and determines applicable taxes and shipping and handling costs.

Useful Integration

A payment gateway safely and securely facilitates financial transactions and authorizes payments between credit and debit cards and eCommerce sites. A shopping cart is a piece of software that allows customers to secure items and checkout. When integrated together, as a shopping cart payment gateway, they work in tandem to give your customer a seamless checkout experience.

The right cart payment gateway for your business should offer competitive rates and fees for your business while also giving your customer a seamless shopping and checkout experience.

Choose a Partner, Not a Provider

Choosing a payment provider isn’t just about fees and rates, it’s about choosing a business partner. You want a partner that will grow with you. You want a partner that will offer you and your clients state of the art security. You want a partner that offers top notch customer support. Your shopping cart payment gateway should enable your business to grow.

Choose Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet delivers outstanding payment solutions for the fast changing world of eCommerce. Knowing which payment gateway to use can be difficult; we can help. We offer seamless integration with the most popular shopping cart providers. Contact us today to discuss your payment processing needs.

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