How to Find the Most Secure Online Payment Gateways

If you’ve found this page, then your business probably relies on or wants to rely on e-commerce transactions for a substantial portion of its income. At this point, you’re trying to find the most secure online payment gateways on the market to help protect you and your customers’ most important information. As experts in secure payment gateways online, Allied Wallet believes that there are two important steps to having the most secure payment system possible: prevention and response.

Take Multiple Steps to Prevent Fraud

Your payment gateway should be aggressive with its security, attacking the problem from many different angles. Plus, your online security team should constantly be innovating its techniques, using as many state-of-the-art defense tactics as possible.

Allied Wallet recommends and employs a wide range of e-commerce business payment processing security solutions. The first is committing to keeping data communication and storage as safe as possible. It’s important to securely encrypt your site with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer). At Allied Wallet, we use a SHA-256 SSL, keeping your processing data and personal information as safe as possible.

Secondly, many businesses will want to make the checkout process as simple as possible for their customers. This means that some payment information will have to be stored. Allied Wallet promotes a two-click checkout system, which we make possible through the use of an incredibly secure in-house database. It’s well-encrypted and regularly monitored by our security team.

In addition to keeping you and your customers’ information secure, you’ll also want to protect your business against fraudulent charges. Online thieves and expensive chargebacks can have a heavy burden on any sized business and secure online payment gateways should try to combat this. Here, we offer a proprietary Fraud Scrub. This service offers a personalized system to track all transactions, helping identify improper orders to quickly and thoroughly minimize chargebacks.

Responding Appropriately to Security Breaches

Ideally, you’ll never experience a security breach or fraudulent claim. However, this is a hectic world where that just isn’t a guarantee; since 2005, hundreds of millions of financial records have been compromised through online security attacks. The most secure online payment gateways will have a system in place for the worst case scenarios.

The back-up plan here at Allied Wallet takes the form of our PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance, which we’ve maintained since 2010. This is widely regarded as one of the most important security standards in the industry. By maintaining this accreditation, we accept responsibility for security breaches on all of our services.
When customer data is stolen, companies can be given expensive penalties as punishment. Not only can fines as high as $500,000 per incident be dealt to your company, your very right to accepting credit cards as payment can be taken away. Plus, small businesses are at the most risk of being hit by a security attack.

Security is Key at Allied Wallet

Check out what Allied Wallet’s global payment gateway can do for you. We talk about the importance of PCI compliance, our proprietary Fraud Scrub feature, and many other reasons why we’re an incredibly secure online payment gateway. Allied Wallet employs a large, experienced team in the field ready to help you prevent and combat fraud and insecure transactions. Contact us to learn more about our custom plans.

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