How to Find Cheap Credit Card Processing Without Sacrificing Quality

How to Find Cheap Credit Card Processing Without Sacrificing Quality

Credit card processing is a must for any business. Customers want the freedom to use payment cards for all of their purchases. How do you find cheap credit card processing that still gives you top notch security options and all the features you need to operate and grow your business? Keep reading to learn how to find affordable, high-quality credit card processing.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Every business is different. Whether you run a traditional brick and mortar or an eCommerce site, you have unique payment processing needs. Some payment processors operate on static models, meaning you pay flat fees and percentages. Others will charge based on fluctuating scales. Regardless, you need to find a processor that offers solutions for your specific business.

You want to find cheap credit card processing that grows with you. A processor that will give you affordable options for when you’re just starting and affordable options when you reach your business growth goals. Make sure the processor you choose offers different plans for different business structures and volumes.

Rates and Fees

You need to examine the fees and charges associated with the payment processor you choose. Some cheap credit card processing only offers low rates but might have high recurring charges. Others will offer no monthly or setup charges but high transaction or interchange rates. Before you decide on a service, make sure you have a clear understanding of all the fees and costs. Many costs associated with a payment processor might be hidden. Ask questions about support fees, setup fees, integration fees, and transaction rates. Also ask questions about chargeback fees and minimum or maximum transactions.

Security and Service

Just because you find cheap credit card processing doesn’t mean it’s affordable. Low cost processing might not offer you and your customers top notch security. Paying a little extra up front for great safety measures will definitely save you money in the long run. Some cheap processors don’t offer great security, which can lead to more instances of fraud. Fraud can lead to chargebacks and other financial penalties, including higher rates and fees.

In the same way that security is a must have feature, customer service is also a necessity for any serious business. When you’re looking for cheap credit card processing don’t skip out on customer service. Knowing that any problems or issues with your payment processing will be quickly and professionally dealt with not only gives you peace of mind it helps you stay open and close deals. If customers have issues on your website or are unintentionally declined, you lose sales. Having fast 24/7 support ensures your site is always open for business.

Allied Wallet

When it comes down to it, you don’t want cheap processing, you want affordable high-quality service. Allied Wallet offers top notch credit card processing options at very affordable pricing. We provide all our clients with state of the art security features, affordable rates and fees, and great customer support. For affordable, high-quality payment processing, choose Allied Wallet. Call today!

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