How to Determine the Best Payment Gateway Services for Your Business

Not every business venture has the same needs and wants and this is just as true when it comes to payment gateway services. The size of your business and your long term goals are very important to consider when choosing a gateway. Here are a few things to think about when deciding on the best gateway services for you and your financial needs.


A payment gateway should be accommodating for customers. A potential lifetime customer can be lost if your payment system is confusing or doesn’t take their preferred payment method.

Allied Wallet, a leader in the payment gateway industry, knows this. We currently allow our customers to accept more than 164 currencies with the option of settling in 25. Our clients can accept the most popular credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and many others. We also pride ourselves on letting our customers accept specialized payments like China UnionPay, Cartes Bancaires, Giropay, European Direct Debit cards, ACH payments and much more.

Allied Wallet’s services are also convenient on the business end, as well. We can get your payment gateway setup in as little as 12 hours in whatever programming language you need. It’ll also seamlessly integrate the shopping cart system that your company already has in place.

Appropriately Priced

You should never forget the bottom line when it comes to your company. Payment gateway services are definitely something you shouldn’t skimp on; however, this doesn’t mean that you should be paying for additional services that your business doesn’t need.

This is why Allied Wallet offers customized payment plans for our clients. These custom solutions allow us to provide a competitively-priced plan that fits within almost any budget, as well as give each of our customers the personal touch they deserve.

Quality and Security

Of course, some features are important no matter what kind of business you operate. These indelible traits should include high-quality customer service as well as security. The team here at Allied Wallet understands this, providing 24 hour support, both in the form of customer service and in technical assistance. These services are available in over 195 countries.

As a provider of online payment gateway services, Allied Wallet knows that protecting security and eliminating fraud are absolute musts in the industry. We keep an experienced staff of security leaders in the field who have seen and helped combat their fair share of fraud. These processing experts know that keeping financial information protected is of utmost importance.

Furthermore, Allied Wallet is a PCI compliant gateway, which means that we assume responsibility in the rare occasion that secure information is breached. If sensitive data is stolen or exposed, a company could be responsible for millions of dollars in penalties. Allying with a PCI compliant merchant allows you to rest assured that one breach won’t sink your business.

Consider Allied Wallet for Your Payment Gateway Needs

If these qualities appeal to you and your business sensibilities, then work with Allied Wallet for your company’s payment gateway. We work with thousands of diverse companies and have safely processed over a billion dollars from all around the world. We know that we can help support your business as one of the best payment gateways on the web. Contact Allied Wallet to find out more information.

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