How to Choose Your Merchant Credit Card Account

In order to process payments and receive your payout you need to acquire a merchant credit card account. This is the account that holds funds from each payment card until the transaction is fully processed and funds are released to you, the merchant. Every business that accepts credit card payments must use a merchant account to process credit card payments.

Choosing a merchant credit card account isn’t always the most exciting business decision you’ll make, but that doesn’t mean it’s not vitally important. Choosing the wrong payment processor can lock you into paying exorbitant rates and fees, stick you with poor service, and can cause you to lose business in the worst case scenarios. Keep reading for a few helpful hints on how to choose the best partner to run this account.

Not Created Equal

Not every merchant credit card account is created equal. Some merchants work directly with a merchant account provider, others enter an agreement through an aggregator that works directly with the account provider for them. Regardless, merchant accounts provide a vital service and charge associated fees and rates for their use.

Before You Begin

Before you begin to search for a merchant account provider you need to determine what services need. Will your business be providing large ticket items or small transactions only? Will you be conducting business abroad or at home?

These are just a few questions to consider before researching merchant credit card accounts. Your answers will determine what kind of merchant credit card account partner you’ll want to work with.

Choose a Partner

Once you begin searching for a merchant account provider you’ll want to look for a few key services from each one. State of the art security measures, experience processing transactions around the world, and rates and fees are important characteristics.

When you agree to terms with a merchant account provider, you’re normally locked into service with them for a set period of time, so ensure you choose the right partner.

Choose Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet is the perfect partner to provide your business with a merchant credit card account. We have risen through the ranks of merchant payment gateway services to become one of the industry’s most trusted names. We offer state of the art processing solutions at affordable prices. Our top-notch security provides safe and secure transactions that your customers can trust. We also have experience processing payments around the globe, including payment processing in over 160 currencies in over 190 countries.

When you’re ready to choose your merchant credit card account provider choose the best, choose Allied Wallet. To learn more about our award winning service, call today!

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