How to Accept Online Payments Without Stress

As a business owner, you probably experience enough stress. This could be why you haven’t set up your website to accept credit card payments. Or, maybe you do accept credit cards, but you do so without a merchant account or via a merchant account that isn’t really compatible with your business. Accepting credit cards shouldn’t add anxiety to your life. In fact, it should add sales, profits, and happy customers. If credit card payments make you nervous, there are solutions for how to accept online payments without stress.

A Merchant Account Is a Must

An easy way to open up your business to more customers is by allowing them to pay via credit or debit card on your website. Having a merchant account allows you to accept online payments. A merchant account will lighten your load during the initial set-up process and when handling daily transactions.

Most merchant accounts are tied to a payment gateway, which you also need to accept credit card payments online. Having a merchant account and gateway in one means less work in setting up and less fees in the long run. By accepting payment online via a merchant account, you avoid dealing with two companies or trying to do things on your own.

Get Your Money Faster

Accepting payment online should make you less stressed, not the other way around. Having a merchant account is one answer to the question of how to accept online payments without stress. You won’t have to worry about waiting long periods of time for payments to go into your account. Payment via credit card also eliminates the stress that can come from keeping track of large quantities of cash or handling bad checks.

Stay Ahead of the Game

If you have a merchant account now and are stressing about online payments, it is probably time to look into a new provider. You want a company that you can turn to day or night for support. There are many things to know concerning how to accept online payments, and if you don’t know the answer, you want to be able to contact someone who does. Having access to the right people at the right time is definitely a stress reducer!

Accepting payments online will allow you to reach more customers in a variety of locations, which should reduce stress around lack of sales. A good merchant account provider will help you stay ahead of the game and avoid potential stress by protecting against chargebacks and fraud. While you will incur chargebacks periodically from customers returning items, you can still protect yourself from receiving an excessive amount.

Allied Wallet Is Here for You

Setting up a merchant account or switching from your current one might seem overwhelming, but in the long run it will pay off. You can learn how to accept online payments on your website and it doesn’t have to be stressful.

A great merchant account should enable you to do business in a way that works. At Allied Wallet, our solutions are highly customisable. We protect your business from an overwhelming amount of chargebacks and go above and beyond the PCI requirements for security.

Regardless of your business size, Allied Wallet can create a solution that will work for you. We will partner with you to figure out how to accept online payments in the most effective way for your business.

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