How to Accept Credit Cards Online

Either you’re starting your business or your company is branching into the e-commerce sector and you need to know how to accept credit cards online. There are many ways to accomplish this goal; however, the most reliable way is to setup a secure payment processing system. It should be custom tailored to the size and needs of your business with room for long-term, dynamic growth.

Offering customized plans for small companies, Allied Wallet can manage your credit card processing system and quickly set it up. We believe that this is a service you should entrust to outside experts in the industry who concern themselves daily with innovations in the field. Regardless, even if you don’t choose to work with Allied Wallet, here are some important things to keep in mind before fully understanding how to accept credit cards online.

Setup Security Measures

There’s a reason why huge corporations don’t just setup a Square reader and call it a day—big, important transactions require equally appropriate security measures. Besides security attacks, businesses also need to concern themselves with data breaches and protection from fraud. This is especially true for small businesses; according to the PCI Security Standards Council, more than 80% of security attacks on online personal information are done on small merchants.

The security team at Allied Wallet takes many steps to create what we consider to be the most secure payment processing technology available online. We ensure that you and your customer’s information are as safe as possible. We maintain a Level 1 PCI compliance, have a SHA-256 encrypted SSL system in place, and offer customisable Fraud Scrub to all of our customers. These are just a few steps to put your mind at ease, protecting you from fraud, security attacks, and penalties resulting from security breaches.

Top-Notch Support Network

Your customers will, understandably, be very protective over their money. Their issues won’t be bound by time or place. As such, you’ll want to have high quality customer support before accepting credit cards online.
Allied Wallet wants to help you in this regard. Our own customer and technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer global credit card support and help our customers accept many other payments, including ACH services. This minimizes customer complaints as our clients are well-prepared to accept whatever comes their way, including 164 currencies in over 195 countries from all over the world.

An Example: Accepting Credit Cards in 12 Hours

It might be helpful to see what steps we take when letting our clients accept credit cards online. Allied Wallet has a streamlined plan for setting up credit card merchant services in as little as 12 hours. We know how to accept credit cards online with very little hassle. Here’s our timeline:

For more information on accepting credit cards online, contact Allied Wallet. We offer a custom plan for small businesses, ensuring that it’s affordable for all of our clients.

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