How to Accept Credit Card Payments on Your Website with Security

You want your business to be successful, there is no question about that. If you aren’t accepting credit cards yet, then you are actually hindering your own success. One reason you might not have made the leap into accepting credit cards on your website could be the security issues involved. However, with the right set-up, you don’t have to worry about how to accept credit card payments on your website. Allied Wallet helps keep both your business and customers safe from potential threats, ensuring that all transactions are secure.

Help Your Customers Feel Safe

A recent survey by Parade magazine found that almost 85% of internet users frequently shop online. If you aren’t utilizing the internet as a space to sell your products or services, you are missing out on a huge population of potential customers. When you accept online payment via credit card, you offer customers an easy way to pay for what they want without the hassle of leaving their home. You can reach customers in areas far from your physical location that otherwise might have never heard of your business if you know how to accept credit card payments on your website.

The same survey by Parade also found that only 61% of the internet users who shopped online felt their personal information was safe. With recent security threats hitting major retailers, it may seem like no one is safe from fraud. However, that is simply not the case. Allied Wallet was built around the idea that the e-commerce experience should be safe and secure, and that’s what our payment technology is centered around.

Meeting the Standards: PCI Requirements

As a merchant working with Allied Wallet, you will never have to deal with your customers’ sensitive information. It goes directly into our secure payment gateway that is built around PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance, which is a set of requirements all companies who transmit credit card payments must follow.

If you don’t know how to accept credit card payments on your website in a secure manner, you are putting your business at risk. If you are not compliant with PCI requirements and your business is subject to a security breach, you could face harsh penalties that include the revoking of your credit card acceptance privileges and fines up to $500,000 per incident. These penalties could easily put you out of business, which is why it’s a necessity to protect yourself and your customers.

Don’t just assume you are covered and your business is safe. Make sure you understand the PCI requirements. Taking a bit of time to review the regulations is less costly than the time and money you’ll pay if your data is breached. With Allied Wallet by your side, you can worry less about how to accept credit card payments on your website in a secure way. We know how important the trust of your customers is, and we go beyond PCI compliance to protect their information.

Going Beyond the Call of Duty

We also provide customisable fraud scrubbing and SHA-256 SSL encryption in our ongoing effort to make sure that every transaction made on your website is completely secure. If any questions or concerns arise related to security or any other topic, you can reach Allied Wallet’s support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here for you and your customers.

Your business is important to you, and your customers are the backbone of your business. Make sure that they are protected and offer them peace of mind by teaming up with Allied Wallet. We will handle all personal information with the utmost care and take the responsibility off of your shoulders. Stop wondering how to accept credit card payments on your website securely, and let Allied Wallet make it a reality for you.

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