How to Accept Credit Card Payments On-The-Go

These days, having the flexibility to accept mobile credit card payments is a great business move. It allows you to process payments anywhere in your store, and it gives you options in non-traditional locations like pop up shops, open air markets, and trade shows as well. Choosing how to accept credit card payments on the go has become a lot easier with so many options available. Here, we’ll cover a few of the ways you can take payments with the freedom and flexibility of mobile technology.

Mobile Terminals

If you’re wondering how to accept credit card payments on the go, mobile terminals are a great option. They offer the same user features as traditional machines, so you don’t have to learn a new system. They’re a good option for an additional payment machine during busy hours that doesn’t take up a fixed place on your counter. They also provide the flexibility to accept payments right where your customers are. This is a good way to finalize transactions in restaurants, cafes, and bars right at your customers tables.

Another advantage of mobile payment terminals is that they tend to offer the most up to date technology. That means they are able to process chip card payments, offer near field communication (NFC) capability, as well as magnetic strip processing. If you operate your business outside of traditional locations, mobile payment terminals give your business a professional image. Companies like VeriFone and Ingenico provide mobile payment terminals with high security features and wireless technology, and many of these terminals even work offline.

App Options

If you’re wondering how to accept credit card payments without a mobile terminal, the answer is probably already in your pocket. The other way you can accept credit card payments on the go is with a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. There are a number of companies that make card readers that plug into a smart device. Paired with an app, this makes your mobile device a credit card processing machine. Square, a most popular way to turn your mobile device into a payment terminal, provides users with a magnetic strip reader or a contactless and chip card reader. These readers pair with your smart device and allow you to process payments on the go.

This is a great option for new and mobile businesses. You don’t need to buy expensive payment machines as you can use your existing phone or tablet. The apps are user friendly and easy to use. Plus, customers love the minimal look and modern feel of mobile technology.

Choose Allied Wallet

Knowing how to accept credit card payments on the go can help you modernize your business and expand the way you process payments. If you want to learn more about mobile credit card payments and how to process transactions on the go, contact Allied Wallet today. We can help you decide which is the best mobile option for you and your business.

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