How Shopping Cart Integration Can Boost Your Business

In traditional brick and mortar stores, customers find goods they like, place them into a physical shopping cart, take it to a cashier, and make their purchase. Online sites operate in much the same way. However, just as with physical stores, not all eCommerce sites are created equal. Some digital sites are convoluted, with clunky checkouts, offsite payment gateways, and non-integrated shopping carts. Using a payment gateway with shopping cart integration can boost your business.

User Interface

Digital shopping carts act much the same as their real world analogs. They provide a place for goods to be stored until checkout. But digital shopping carts are so much more than a metal frame on four wheels. They act as a catalog, provide user interface, and can even help with inventory control. Your customers will interact with the shopping cart software you decide to use for your eCommerce site, so you need to ensure it provides for a smooth user experience.

A complicated shopping cart can act as a barrier to sales. If a shopping cart frustrates your customer they will most likely abandon a full cart before checkout and you’ll lose the sale. Shopping cart integration offers a simple, easy to use interface that can help your business increase completed transactions.

Customer Comfort

Without an integrated shopping cart your customer may have to access an offsite page to complete their transaction. These kinds of actions can easily lead to uncertainty over the trustworthiness of your eCommerce site. Having an integrated payment gateway and shopping cart demonstrates the solidity of your business. Customers will feel more comfortable shopping and paying for your goods when they feel secure. Shopping cart integration will make customers feel more secure, and more likely to complete the transaction.


Shopping carts aren’t just about customer experience. They also provide your business with control. Many shopping carts offer reporting options. These reports can act as the lifeblood of your business. Information is power in any business. Knowing the actions and patterns of your customer can help you control inventory, shape marketing, and understand what your customer wants. Knowing your customer can help boost your business, and shopping cart integration can provide you with that knowledge.

More Options

If you use an unintegrated shopping cart service you’re missing out a wide range of services and options. Your shopping cart software can help you with SEO marketing, help you manage your inventory, and can even help you understand the patterns of your customer base. When it comes down to it, you want your business to grow and expand. Using an integrated shopping cart can help you achieve that goal.

Use Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet already easily integrates with a large number of shopping carts. By integrating our payment services with a shopping cart you can create a comfortable and trustworthy user interface, get control of the flow of your customer’s checkout experience, and gain useful information from every transaction. Contact us today to learn more about shopping cart integration and how it can boost your business.

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