How Implementing Online Credit Card Processing Can Boost Business

Whether you are a small business running out of your living room, or a large business with office and manufacturing space, if you want to boost your business, you must provide online credit card processing. With more and more customers shopping online and making purchases without even stepping foot into a brick and mortar store, your business has the potential to reach customers worldwide. However, in order to give your customers what they want—your product—you need to give them a way to easily and confidently pay online. With online credit card processing, your business can be on its way to reaching thousands of customers throughout the world.

Who Is Shopping Online?
In short, everyone. It is true! In a recent survey by Parade Magazine, 85% of online users also reported purchasing items online. Further, another survey completed by Walker Sands found that 62% of internet users shop online at least once a month, with only 1% of internet users reporting that they had never shopped online. The best part of online shopping habits is that people are shopping for a little bit of everything. From electronics to books, household items to clothing, shoppers are using online credit card processing to purchase items that they want, from the comfort of their home or office.

With online credit card processing on your business website, you can be available and ready for the 99% who enjoy shopping online. However, your customers also want to be confident that their credit card information will be kept safe during the transaction.

How to Keep It Safe
For online shoppers, 42% would be more inclined to purchase more items online if they could be confident in their online payment security, as per the survey conducted by Walker Sands. That’s just a bit less than half of shoppers who are willing to purchase online, but want to have that added sense of confidence. How can you make your online credit card processing system safe and secure for both your business, and your customers?

Begin by working with an established and reputable processing agency like Allied Wallet. We are PCI Compliant, which means that we absorb the risk and responsibility for any unauthorised activity on the account. We provide global support so that your business can grow beyond your own country, and we have customer service set up and ready to assist you and your customers 24/7. Even better, our system is easy to use and can be set up on your business webpage in less than twelve hours.

Just think, in one half of a day you can prepare your business for unimagined growth. Opening up your business to online customers is an exciting step, and one that you don’t want to take on alone. Let Allied Wallet help make your transactions successful and safe. Your customers will be confident in their purchases, and we will be right beside you the entire way. Let’s get started!

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