How Credit Card Terminals Protect Your Payments

Protecting payments is an important part of credit card processing. You want to ensure that your customers’ personal information is protected and that you aren’t liable for costly chargebacks or lost revenue. Credit card terminals play a significant role in protecting your payments. Keep reading to find out more.

Safeguard Against Fraud

Your credit card terminal plays a vital role in protecting your business from credit card fraud. If you use a physical POS system, the card needs to be present for the transaction to be completed. Simply ensuring that the credit card is present, valid, and belongs to the user is the first step in protecting your payments. Terminals help you accomplish this by requiring the card to be present in order to process the transaction.

Some terminals will allow you to process the transaction even if the card isn’t present. However, they typically require you to enter more than the credit card numbers. In order to process a transaction without the physical card you’ll need the customer to provide you with the correct zip code, street address, and/or CVV number. Credit card terminals require this information to verify the identity of the user and further protect your payments.

Data Encryption

When you swipe a credit card through the payment terminal, it facilitates communication between the acquiring and issuing banks. The information communicated between these two banks is highly sensitive. Your credit card terminal utilizes a series of data encryption algorithms to protect the information while in transit to the banks. Data encryption helps safeguard it in case it happens to fall into the wrong hands.

When you process or transmit credit card data, you are required to follow PCI compliance. Your credit card terminal provides some aspects of compliance for you. Credit card terminals help you to maintain a secure network, ensuring that your customers sensitive information, and your payments, are protected.

Protect Your Business

Protecting your payments and the financial information of your customers is an important aspect of your business. You want your customers to trust you with their credit card information so they feel free to purchase goods and services from you. Your credit card terminals play an important part in creating that trustworthiness.

Allied Wallet

Ultimately, you want your business to thrive without having to worry about security issues. At Allied Wallet, we’ve built a reputation as the industry standard for tough security measures. That’s because we believe in protecting your business and the integrity of those who use our secure payment processing.

We utilize state of the art SHA-256 SSL encryptions, PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance, and fraud scrub to keep your customers information safe and secure. Call us today to find out more about our award winning security and how we can help your business, and your credit card terminals, protect your payments.

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