How Allied Wallet Keeps Developers Informed

At Allied Wallet, our success depends on our getting the word out to the merchants who will most benefit from our payment gateway services. We rely on the resellers and developers who recommend our merchant services to clients in order for the Allied Wallet network to keep expanding. In addition to ensuring that our resellers and developers are well rewarded for their efforts, we work hard to help you stay prepared and up to date. In this spirit, we continuously provide all of the latest key information on our products, plus tips for how you can better serve your clients, in our payment gateway developer blog.

Connect and Learn With Allied Wallet’s Payment Gateway Developer Blog

Allied Wallet has always been an extremely developer-friendly payment gateway solution. Our payment processing technology is easily integrated with virtually any programming language or shopping cart solution that you and your clients might use, so it’s easy to get things up and running. Our payment gateway developer blog is the best place to stay up to date with all of the latest information about Allied Wallet’s APIs and the latest issues affecting the field of payment processing development. The information found in our payment gateway developer blog helps you provide the best service possible to your clients when creating their e-commerce websites.

Profit from a Partnership With Allied Wallet

Another reason that Allied Wallet is so developer friendly is that we reward you– both for recommending us to your clients and helping them integrate our services into their site. They’ll be impressed with Allied Wallet’s low rates, and you’ll benefit from your role as the matchmaker in our new relationship. When you bring Allied Wallet to a client, you’ll be able to receive residual payments from the work you’ve put in on the site. What’s more, you’ll know that you’re connecting your clients with a reliable payment processing solution with access features including:

  • Innovative Security: Allied Wallet features state of the art certified PCI Level 1 compliance, customisable Fraud Scrub, and 128-bit SSL encryption. Your clients can always rest assured that their transactions will stay safe.

  • 24/7 Support: Allied Wallet will provide your clients with round-the-clock technical support, and we also handle their customer service calls and messages.

  • International Payment Processing: Allied Wallet is an essential tool for any e-commerce retailer looking to make a splash on the global market. We process 164 currencies in 196 countries, ensuring that your clients will be able to get their products to wherever they’re most needed.

  • Merchant Management Tools: Allied Wallet’s full-featured solution makes it simple to manage cash flow, customer information, and more.

If you’re a developer or reseller in search of a payment processing solution that you can recommend to your clients with confidence, contact Allied Wallet to learn more about how our services can work for them and you. And of course, continue to check our payment gateway developer blog for all the latest Allied Wallet developer news.

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