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How a Wireless Credit Card Terminal Works

These days it seems that just about every piece of technology is going wireless. Our phones, computers, and even our televisions work without being tethered by cords and cables. That same freedom of movement is available for your credit card processing. A wireless credit card terminal gives you the same access to your payment processor as a wired connection, but with the freedom to conduct business wherever you choose.

How it Works

The wireless terminal process is simple and easy to use. You simply swipe or enter the credit card information into the credit card terminal, and the terminal wirelessly connects with your payment processor. In the same way that a point-of-sale system operates, your wireless terminal facilitates communication between your business, your payment processor, the customer’s issuing bank, and your acquiring bank. This transaction is completed in just a few seconds.

You batch and settle the credit card transactions in the same way as you would with a wired credit card terminal. Once settled, your funds are available for withdrawal in the time agreed upon with your merchant account provider.


A wireless credit card terminal works the same as a wired terminal, but with the added freedom to accept credit card payments in non-traditional locations. The benefits to a system like this are limitless. A wireless terminal allows you to go to the customer and finalize their transaction right where they are. This is a great option for restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. You can serve and settle your clients right where they sit.

Many Uses

If you operate a mobile business like a food truck or a pop up shop, or if you conduct business in open air markets, using a wireless terminal allows you to accept more payment options and capture more sales. If you operate a delivery business, it’s a great way to accept multiple forms of payment without customers having to give their credit card information over the phone. Instead of being hindered by cash only transactions, capture more sales by accepting credit card payments on the go.

Put Technology to Work

Take advantage of modern wireless technology with a wireless credit card terminal. The convenience of accepting credit card payments in non-traditional locations will help you expand your business. That’s because more and more customers want to pay with credit cards, even when you’re in locations that don’t offer wired capabilities.

Ask the Experts

To learn more about wireless payment options, visit Allied Wallet today. As an industry leader in payment processing solutions, we can help you find the right wireless payment option for your business. We can help get you start to reap the benefits of a wireless credit card terminal. Let your business grow beyond wires with Allied Wallet.


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