Keep Your Head Above Water

Running your business successfully will prove to be very fulfilling and rewarding. This e-ship blog is Allied Wallet’s entrepreneurial resource for all of our respected partners. But this week, we at Allied Wallet would like to place emphasis on a different, though equally important, issue. If you wish to run a successful and fulfilling business, you must have a rewarding personal life. The two work hand in hand; and when they are managed correctly, you will find yourself more content with your achievements. recently posted a few articles on maintaining different aspects of your personal life in order to supplement your business, maintaining your health and your relationships. As we navigate entrepreneurial seas, we experience the builds and the crashes not only in our businesses but in our personal lives as well. We’ve all experienced the moods and situations that send us to work a little unmotivated and a little unfocused. Our moods can be affected by heartache, loneliness, loss, or sometimes even our diets.

In recent studies provided by over 2,000 business owners, statistics show that 63% of employees are overworked and burning out. These employees work, on average, over forty hours a week and, in turn, they have less time for their health and, more importantly, themselves. 22% of employees have reported weight gain while one in every three people reported that they worked out less. Business may be up, but it’s important to take care of your health before it catches up with you. Allot some time for your health so your health doesn’t start taking time from your work.

Even when we’re healthy and productive, life can sometimes feel a little empty. After all, what good is success with no one to share it with? We must take steps to control and manage our time. If we expect to maintain positive and mutually beneficial relationships and friendships, we have to give them the respect and time they deserve. Learn to set aside time – no cellular or work interference. Make sure your living space looks like your living space and not your second office. Make sure your closet shows your personality. If your personality is made of suits and pajamas, it might be a sign that your personal life is lacking. stated it best by saying, “If you want to attract and keep the attention of a real person, better start acting like one.” Reconnect with old friends and once you start forming bonds, make sure not to let them fall by the wayside. Maintain your friendships. If you find yourself easing towards a relationship, make sure to be upfront and honest about the commitment and time that you can offer. Be honest with yourself and be honest with your potential partner.

If you can maintain your health and relationships as well as you can maintain your business, you’ll grow towards a balanced, beautiful life. The path is rocky and the lines you tie in different direction can leave you scrambling. But just like quotas and markets, they’re challenges that you can face and conquer. Keep at it and refuse to sink.’s “Is Your Small Business Making You Fat?”’s “How Young Entrepreneurs Can Make Time for Love”

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