eCommerce Content Marketing Trends: The 2017 Forecast

B2C content marketing trends are fascinating for a number of reasons. Some will surprise you, some will disappoint you, but they’ll all leave you excited for what next. At Allied Wallet, it’s our job to keep up to date on eCommerce trends, from features to content, in order to provide improved online payment protection solutions and merchant gateways. So, drawing on this expertise, here are five of our 2017 eCommerce Content Marketing Trends:

1. Content and Entertainment Will Blur Together

vloggerIt’s always been important for businesses, especially those in the online and eCommerce industries, to create content and ads that amuse customers. However, with the continued onslaught of new media coming out of Buzzfeed, Facebook, and many others, the lines are blurring between marketing and entertainment.

Featured content is getting smarter, subtle, and nuanced. Keep an eye out for eCommerce content marketing that utilizes creative people without stifling their abilities; these will be the campaigns that get the most attention.

2. More Obvious Political Leanings

We know that the business sector has always been involved in politics behind the scenes. However, the 2016 election is showing that companies are becoming more comfortable with wearing their political beliefs on their sleeves. The past decade or so involved not rocking the boat or alienating customers. Yet, we live in an age of Twitter where we are becoming less sensitized to companies having opinions about what’s happening in the world.

As such, we believe that B2C content marketing trends will involve more outwardly political tones. It doesn’t have to be along party lines as many businesses won’t want to be or appear partisan. The trend can be as simple as latching onto one political issue, like net neutrality or even corporate personhood, and having an opinion on it openly, winning the respect of like-minded customers. Alternatively, we’ve seen and will see more of brands changing due to pressure to be more environmentally-sound and then highly publicizing that.

3. Niche Marketing Will Strengthen

The power of the internet means that eCommerce businesses don’t have to cater to the widest audience possible to sustain themselves. We believe that many B2C content marketing trends will involve targeted, niche promotions that prioritize providing a better product to those in the know over converting new customers. Then, word of mouth will create a solid base for these brands to thrive. Think of how the beauty industry utilizes eCommerce if you need an example of good quality and reputation making huge differences in spreading organic growth.

4. A New Yelp

Yelp stickerThis may be a bold forecast on our part, but we think people are becoming disillusioned with Yelp. It will still be
used, of course, but it’s no longer the powerhouse it once was. Either Yelp will evolve and hit a new creative peak or a new review platform will fill that void. eCommerce marketers will arrive first on the scene and guarantee that their customer base sees that they’re “with it” as well as highly rated.

5. Online Purchasing Will Continue to Grow

Every year, online shopping claims a higher share of the overall market. eCommerce businesses will want their online stores, shopping carts, and checkouts to be fast and secure, which will be a sticking point for attracting new consumers in content marketing. As new options for products flood the markets and personal information leaks appear in the headlines, confidence in the eCommerce marketplace will become almost as important as the products themselves.

When you’re ready for a secure payment gateway, e-wallet, or other merchant services, reach out to Allied Wallet. We’ll keep you prepared for future B2C content marketing trends and, more importantly, prepared for developments in the online security industry.

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