Drop Anchor and Smell the ManCans

Entrepreneur.com’s article on Hart Main details the fourteen year-old CEO’s business that he began in November 2010. His Ohio-based company “ManCans” sells manly scented candles in scents like grass, bacon, sawdust, leather, campfire, coffee, new mitt, New York style pizza, dirt, and even grandpa’s pipe.

Main’s parents matched his $100 investment and gave him an additional $100 to help him get his candle business off the ground. Nearly a year later, Main has seen a considerable amount of success. He and his family service wholesale as well as small batch orders. Not only is the Main family innovative, but they are charitable as well. They sell their ManCans in old soup cans, but before the candles are made they bring the full soup cans to soup kitchens to be served.

At the young age of fourteen, Main states “It’s taught me a lot about what it takes to start a business and a lot about what I’m interested in.” It will be interesting to see the future of ManCans and any other endeavor Hart Main embarks on. He is an entrepreneurial inspiration and proves that age doesn’t have to be a prevailing barrier.

See Entrepreneur.com’s Article on ManCans

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