Discover the Wide Range of Merchant Credit Card Services Available

Accepting electronic payments on your business’ website is an opportunity for growth. Though it may initially be complicated, learning about merchant credit card services and payment methods, and how you can use them safely for your payment transactions, is crucial in building your company and staying afloat in this competitive global market.

There are many ways to pay online, and it’s important to find a payment gateway that specializes in diversified payment methods and merchant credit card services. Offer these methods to your customers through a safe and secure internet portal. Here’s a list of payment methods worth looking into:

Mobile Payments

If you want to expand your business, look into providing a mobile payment option through your payment gateway company. Mobile payments allow customers to make purchases through an app on smart phones and tablets, making it convenient to buy online.

Receiving Payments

With a safe and reliable payment gateway service, you can accept payments extracted straight from your customers’ bank accounts. These transactions are quick and useful for customers that don’t manage other forms of payment, like credit or debit cards.

Direct Debit

Offering direct debit allows you to charge your customers on a monthly basis, by setting up an automatic bank processing of funds. Direct debit options are a wonderful way to maintain a lasting relationship with your customers and encourage brand loyalty.


An eWallet is an online money account where users can save their payment information for ecommerce and internet transactions. eWallets are safe and secure, and usually hosted by payment gateway companies that are capable of ensuring the total protection of sensitive information.

Credit and Debit Cards

Payment gateway companies offer merchant credit card services from all over the world, allowing merchants to considerably expand their businesses. The key is finding the right payment gateway that accepts the widest range of credit cards possible, so that more people are able to buy your products or services.

ACH e-Check Processing

e-Checks work just like normal paper checks, without the paper. Providing the option to pay by check by entering check information is a wonderful alternative to paying by credit or debit, and will allow customers without those options to make a purchase on your site.

Why Allied Wallet?

Allied Wallet, a fully certified, PCI-DSS Level One compliant payment gateway company that offers its customers the best technology to safely accept a range of payment options and increase business for its merchants. Allied Wallet accepts 164 types of currency from over 194 countries, and provides top-rated merchant credit card services to e-commerce professionals around the world. Allied Wallet accepts payments and processes credit and debit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and more. For more information, go to

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