Dennis Crowley Sails In to Success

We, at Allied Wallet, are always happy to hear an entrepreneurial success story. An interview with Foursquare’s CEO and co-founder, Dennis Crowley, gives viewers an insider look at Crowley’s intentions and methods.

Crowley invented Foursquare to make the world easier to use. He toiled for years and learned by trial and error before he discovered a way to simplify cities with mobile phones.  He described a “check-in” as a user’s way of saying, “These are the places that I enjoy.” After a user checks in to a bar, café, park, or wherever they may be, Foursquare learns the user and recommends places that the user may want to visit.

Foursquare has grown faster than many of its counterparts; however, Crowley states that Foursquare was built off of their legacies. “Twitter and Facebook taught the world how to share things online,” states a modest Crowley.

The success of Crowley and his sixty employees can be measured in its eight million users worldwide. Crowley gives the credit of his achievements to his employees and their shared enthusiasm. He states:

“We’ve been able to hire people who have been thinking about this for a long time…by hiring these folks it really sets the DNA of the company.”

“It’s our passion to make these things that make the world easier to use.”

“It’s not something that comes easy. I think a lot of the success that we’re having comes because we found a problem that we were really passionate about and we’ve just been banging at that problem for years and years and years. And now we seem to understand it well enough to start making really solid part decisions that could end up turning into parts that people really enjoy.”

Crowley has been striving towards success for the better half of a decade now and shows no signs of slowing in his attempt to make the world an easier place to enjoy. His “entrepreneurial innovations” are supported by his genuine belief in his product and in his actions. As Foursquare’s success grows within the world of social media, Dennis Crowley and his team will continue to innovate social technology as they simplify the world, one city at a time.

 See’s video on Crowley

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