Credit Card Processing Solutions for Mobile Payments

The age of mobile payments is definitely upon us. With new software like Google Wallet and Apple Pay, people are more interested than ever in using their smartphones as a digital wallet. In fact Apple Pay already accounts for 1% of all digital payment dollars. While that might not seem like much, it demonstrates strong momentum for a relatively new technology.

Customers want mobile payment options and wise business owners will offer this service earlier rather than later. Allied Wallet is a trusted industry leader in payment processing. We can offer your business credit card processing solutions so you can begin taking mobile payments now.

More Than a Fad

Staying up to date with technological trends is important to any business. Mobile payment is more than just a fad. It will become a central component to conducting business in the immediate future. Consumers love the ease and freedom their mobile devices bring to the shopping experience. They browse, compare, and share their purchases from their devices. Soon, they’ll be using these devices as a form of payment, too.

Mobile Impact

Mobile payments will impact your business whether you adopt it or not. Consumers will continue to use their phones as payment devices. You can decide whether mobile payments will impact your business in a positive or negative way. Stay ahead of the technology curve by implementing mobile credit card processing solutions now instead of later.


Traditional payment processing, like cash transactions, are quickly being replaced by the digital generation. Modern consumers like the ease that mobile wallets offer them. As the technology becomes more integrated and more ubiquitous they will expect you to accept this type of payment.

Play With the Big Boys

Companies like McDonalds and Starbucks are already finding success offering mobile payments to their customers. In fact, Starbucks said that 16 percent of all US transactions during its last quarter were completed using mobile payment. That’s about 7 million transactions a week! While the success that Starbucks is having using mobile payments is the exception right now, it clearly demonstrates the direction that credit card processing solutions are heading—mobile payments.

Ultimately this means one thing: consumer demand for mobile payment options will only increase. Some estimates claim that by 2020, 90% of consumers will want to pay with mobile technology. In order to keep up with business trends and satisfy the demands of your customers you should adopt this technology today.

We Can Help

At Allied Wallet we offer a wide range of credit card processing solutions for your business. Thousands of merchants across the globe place their trust in our payment processing. Our award winning technology will keep your payments safe and secure. Contact us today to discuss mobile payment processing and the future of your business.

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