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Why Choose an International Payment Processor?

Imagine if you were to find an item you simply love on a website – say a piece of East Asian artwork or a carved mask from West Africa – and decide you are going to buy it! But the owners of the merchandise happen to take payment in their local currency, of course, not in dollars! And the only credit card you use? Not even available in their country? There goes that option!

Wiring money would work fine… if there was a Western Union in the city where your newly beloved item sits on a shelf. No Western Union? Well what to do, find a local bank that accepts travelers checks and mail one, then send the shopkeeper to pick it up in person?

That might work, but we certainly wouldn’t recommend it! Now imagine having a payment processor that can process internationally across borders…

You spy an item you love on a foreign website and decide to buy it. Then, you click the Allied Wallet icon next to the “Checkout Cart” on the website and… you’re done. You can consider your new purchase as good as in the mail already!

Prefer the second option for international payment processing? We find that most people who try international payment processors even once tend to! And you can try our services out at no sign up or set up cost. That means if you are a business owner, just imagine your customers having “Option Number 2” when they want to buy something from you!

International payment processors take the hassle out of accepting payments by seamlessly integrating with the existing systems of sellers, customers, banks, and credit card processing software, so all your transactions – whether you are a customer or a retailer – are as simple as a point of sale credit card or ATM card swipe! We take the confusion out of the process so you can get back to business.

Give your business the chance to see success without borders by integrating an international payment processor.


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