Certified Payment Processing to Avoid Data Breach

Certified Payment Processing to Avoid Data Breach

National headlines have been filled with cyber attacks lately. Whether it’s a movie company that cancelled a motion picture due to hacking or the major corporations that have had customer data stolen, data breaches have serious consequences. Even if you operate a small business, a data breach can seriously impact you. Utilizing certified payment processing can minimize your risk of data breach and give you the peace of mind to conduct business using payment cards and online portals.

The Cost

The cost of a data breach isn’t limited to the fraudulent charges that can occur. Stolen personal information and lost financial data costs range between $66,000 and $938,000 per impacted organization. These costs include lawyer and consultant fees, lost business and investment opportunities, and extra costs implemented to update systems and training.

Even more severe than financial costs is the damage done to reputations. If your company or website is breached, you run the risk of damaging your brand’s image. This damage can negatively impact your future earnings potential. By using certified payment processing you can avoid data breaches and the costly fallout.

Security Standards

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a security standard for businesses that handle major credit and debit cards. PCI uses 12 requirements for compliance. These include, among others, using firewalls, encrypting data transmission, tracking and monitoring, and anti-virus software. A company that uses certified payment processing will meet these standards for you. This protects you and your customers’ personal information and keeps you PCI compliant.

Allied Wallet is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. Level 1 refers to the volume of use and the strictness of security measures. We utilize state of the art safety measures to protect your sensitive information from data breach.

A Watchful Eye

PCI compliance is only the beginning. Allied Wallet maintains persistent monitoring to keep each of our customer accounts safe from fraud or data breach. Our certified payment processing is committed to providing exceptional support. Our security features include a proprietary customisable fraud scrub, PCI compliance, and SHA-256 encrypted SSL. SHA encryption was developed by the NSA.

Do Business Your Way

Let’s face it, there is no such thing a failsafe digital system. However, by utilizing state of the art security and data monitoring, you can minimize your risk of data breach. Conducting business in the internet age means offering online sales, checkout features, and processing payment cards with computer systems. But that doesn’t mean you can’t protect your clients’ private information.

Allied Wallet to Avoid Data Breach

Choosing a certified payment processor can help you avoid data breach. Allied Wallet offers exceptional security features including PCI compliance, fraud scrubbing, and sophisticated encryption algorithms. Conduct your business without fear of fraud. Choose Allied Wallet to protect and process your financial transactions. Call today to discuss your needs and security concerns.

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