BuzzFeed’s New eCommerce Portal and Trends in Content Marketing

trends in content marketing

Buzzfeed is respected online for its proactive approach to optimizing web content, with content that can be quickly read and accessible for a broad segment of readers. However, like many successful online media ventures, the company is planning to take its services up a notch, and offer a new eCommercial portal comprised of revamped trends in content marketing, such as those below.

New Content Sections

If you look at Buzzfeed’s home page at the time of this writing, you notice two sets of tabs: a traditional ribbon of tabs that hovers above where the written content begins, and a tab that consists of yellow dots in the upper right corner, with each dot advertising light-hearted, humorous subjects.

As Wikipedia notes about BuzzFeed, “BuzzFeed generates its advertising revenue through native advertising that matches its own editorial content, and does not rely on banner ads. Buzzfeed also uses its familiarity with social media to target conventional advertising through other channels, like Facebook.” The more trends in content marketing Buzzfeed implements, the more it can profit from native advertising.

inhouse technology incubatorIn-House Technology Incubator

BuzzFeed’s focus is equal parts digital marketing and digital technology. This is why the company is developing an “in-house technology incubator” to keep its proprietary designs under wraps while they are beta tested and fine-tuned for commercial release.

One interesting thing about the technology incubator is that its name alone presupposes that technologies in incubation will remain that way until they mature, and are ready for release. Instead of getting technology that had to be released on short schedule to compete with rivals, you can expect new BuzzFeed technologies that provide a stellar user experience.

Greater Emphasis on Video

According to a recent whitepaper from Cisco, “Online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016.” Buzzfeed has its finger on the pulse of shifting consumer communication channels when it comes to web video.

The Future for Buzzfeed

the future for buzfeedAccording to an article in The New York Times, “BuzzFeed will announce that its new cash infusion will be used to make several major changes, including introducing new content sections, creating an in-house incubator for new technology and potential acquisitions, and putting far more resources toward BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, its Los Angeles-based video arm.”

It sounds great, but there’s a potential obstacle to BuzzFeed fully capitalizing on web-based digital. According to the same article, “Some analysts think BuzzFeed’s reliance on social media sites for web traffic is a liability.

In 2011, The Washington Post introduced its Social Reader app that let users read and share articles from the newspaper in Facebook’s News Feed. At first, the move brought lots of traffic to the publication. However, “When users complained they were getting spammed by notifications of what their friends were reading, Facebook changed its News Feed settings, and traffic for the Social Reader plummeted.”

It’s an obstacle that BuzzFeed must address, but the company’s technology incubator is exactly what BuzzFeed needs to mitigate the risk, and promote some of the best trends in digital marketing and technology within its market space.

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