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Roses are red. Violets are blue. But there’s money in roses, so roses are green. Maybe that didn’t rhyme. But we, here at Allied Wallet, have seen a rise in the profits of our botanical merchants. Allied Wallet is a merchant services provider who affordably enables e-commerce merchants to accept credit cards online.

Internet sales are thriving as 85% of internet uses are also internet shoppers; and storefront owners need to accept credit cards. With a few clicks, someone can be sending you digital payments that spark less buyer’s remorse because these consumers don’t see, feel, or smell the cash. They simply spend. Further, it’s not hard to understand why flower delivery services are so popular when we barely have time to prepare a home-cooked meal.

Amidst the busy errands of our workweeks, we may forget anniversaries or other special occasions. The internet becomes our tool. Send “same-day service” flowers to an address. Choose from hundreds of different bouquets and options. Pair them with a teddy bear or candy. Even include a message. Ultimately, the final arrangement is in our hands. But luckily, we can do it all from our desks as if we had it planned for weeks.

These types of situations highlight the internet’s shining moments. Because websites can accept credit cards, the internet is your handiest tool in not only spending money but making money. Our merchants make an honest and profitable living off of assisting people with these things and marking up their products to account for the service they offer. Allied Wallet is happy to assist these merchants whom offer services that benefit consumers globally.

Have you ever considered or even tried pursuing this type of business? Do you have an innovative and similar idea that you would like to share? Feel free to do so here. We’ll always stand behind and propel good ideas that improve the conditions of every day life. And as always, Allied Wallet makes it easy.

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