Brains Over Brawn: Keeping Your Company Strong

Every business owner will see its market’s rise and fall. It’s important to guide your company’s continued success in its glory days, but it’s even more important to support it during an economic downturn or dry market. Every business owner must remain resilient to maintain their success. released an article with great tips for every business owner to have in the event of plummeting sales.

  • Call a meeting that openly invites ideas. We, at Allied Wallet, strongly stand behind this idea. You have employed your staff because you have faith in their judgment and value their efforts. In a trying situation, ideas may spark other ideas which eventually can spark a solution.’s article describes the Bates Communications teamwork skills that eventually brought them a $1.2 million increase in annual revenue after a decline in the previous year. The team thought together, functioned together, and prospered together.
  • Making a proactive effort to increase your sales is a great first step, but it needs to be supplemented with great monitoring and analytical effort as well. By analyzing the market and paying attention to your sales spikes and trends, you’ll be able to capitalize on your market. N.Y.-based fragrance company, Tucci Corporation, was able to double their annual sales by keeping a keen eye on their sales trends. The company pulled themselves out of debt by generating an extra $1.3 million in profit.
  • An employee will never want to hear that they’re getting a pay cut or that they won’t be getting an annual bonus this year. However, if it secures their job and your company it could be in everyone’s best interest. Considering expenditure shifts and investing into initiatives that generate more income and boost the brand can save a business.  Although your employees won’t be happy with the initial change, you can find an opportunity to reward them when business turns around.
  • As market trends and consumer expectations change, you must tailor your prices to best suit the conditions at hand. Consider eliminating fees that deter leads. Consider free trials with options to buy. Presentation is important. If you figure out the right way to present the price, your product’s benefits can outweigh the costs.
  • Sometimes you need to take a different approach with your sales. wrote about HuePhoria LLC, a company that sold hand-painted glassware to gift boutiques. The company found its sales declining and resiliently modified their route. Instead of having third-party retail stores drive their sales, they started a direct sales sector as well as a drop-shipping sector of their company. Their sales increased 72% in one year with 84% of all sales resulting from the new distribution tactics. Being able to change your business plan in light of a new market and economy is very important for business owners.

Keep your business on the path of innovation and success. Even when numbers are great, they can always be better. Follow these tips and you’ll know success no matter the season.

Five Tips to Transform Your Business

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