The Benefits of Prepaid Debit Cards For Businesses

Managing payouts is an important aspect any business owner has to consider. In the past, payouts were sent out by check, mailed to the recipient, and required days and sometimes even weeks to fully process and clear your business account. However, this manual system is considered inefficient and opens up too many possibilities for something to go wrong.

Prepaid debit cards offer a better way to process payments and affiliate payouts. Here, we’ll cover some of the benefits of using prepaid debit cards for business payouts.

Affiliate Payments

The digital economy has changed the way we conduct business. From digital payments to a global marketplace, to a freelance workforce, many things have changed in the work process. While this change has streamlined workflow and minimized in-house expenses, it also creates a more complicated payment process for your business.

Affiliate payouts don’t need to be complicated. Using prepaid debit cards for business payments simplifies the entire process.

You can make quick payouts using an Allied Wallet-issued debit card and can even use a network of issued cards to pay out affiliates. This payout is almost instantaneous and you don’t run the risk of a lost or misplaced check. You also don’t need to wait for checks to clear bank holds.

Ease of Use

With a traditional affiliate payment, there isn’t much flexibility involved—the payment is made by check and deposited into an account and in a few business days, the funds are available for use. However, when you use prepaid debit cards for business payouts, the recipient has greater flexibility with how they can put their payment to work. Recipients can immediately use their debit card to:

  • Withdraw cash at ATMs
  • Make online bill payments
  • Make purchases wherever debit cards are accepted
  • Reload their card for further use
  • Make purchases internationally

As you can see, prepaid debit cards offer greater financial flexibility for your affiliates. This instant, easy to use payment method grants you and your payment recipient more flexibility and better options.

Safety and Security

When it comes to processing payments, the safety and security of sensitive financial information is paramount. Allied Wallet’s prepaid debit cards offer state of the art security measures to keep your affiliate payouts safe and secure.

Each card utilizes an EMV chip for greater security. Furthermore, Allied Wallet is PCI-DSS Level One Certified and utilizes an aggressive fraud monitoring system. With a combination of chip and pin technology, PCI Level 1 security, fraud scrub technology, and an award winning payment gateway for persistent monitoring your payments will be safer than ever before.

A Better Way to Pay

Our new, highly versatile prepaid debit card allows you to manage payouts for your online business the easy way. It offers more flexibility and better options for the payment recipient, allowing them to withdraw cash, make payments, even use it on international trips. It’s almost instantaneous, meaning no more waiting for the mail or for checks to clear through bank accounts. Plus, it comes with all the security features of a chip powered debit card.

Contact Allied Wallet today to learn more about how to put prepaid debit cards for business to work for you.

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