Avoiding Credit Card Fraud: Five Red Flags to Watch For

If you are researching how to accept credit card payments on your small business website, it is important that you recognize both the benefits and risks of this new business venture. Credit card fraud is a very real risk for you and your business, whether you accept credit card payments in an actual storefront or online. Here are five red flags that might point you towards investigating for possible credit card fraud.

Conflicting Identification
As you learn how to accept credit card payments on your site, you relinquish some control, like asking for secondary forms of identification at checkout. Instead, you might notice that the zip code doesn’t match the billing address or that the telephone number given does not match. To help avoid fraud, consider asking for additional information, like a zip code or phone number that matches with the credit card account.

A Very Large Order from a Very New Customer
There is a learning curve when educating yourself on how to accept credit card payments. Sometimes, you might find that a new customer has placed a very large order. Before you celebrate and grab a glass of champagne, you may want to verify that order. Often, dishonest customers will order big in hopes of scoring the most goods with their fraudulent credit card number.

Shipment to a P.O. Box
Sure, not everyone who has a post office box is a credit card thief, but as you learn how to accept credit card payments online, you want to be a little wary of new customers who have post office boxes as their mailing address. You might choose to refuse shipping to post office boxes, or drop shipment locations, all together in order to avoid this common fraud.

A Mismatched IP Address
Check to see if the IP address of the order is in the same country, or general location, of the billing address to keep fraudulent orders at bay.

An International Address
Gaining international customers is a wonderful step for your small business! However, you must be extra vigilant when it comes to processing orders from international countries.

Overwhelmed at the thought of learning how to accept credit card payments while avoiding credit card fraud? When you use a payment gateway like Allied Wallet, you aren’t in it alone. Allied Wallet is PCI Compliant, and takes online credit card transactions seriously. It’s our job to monitor the transactions that are happening from your website so that you don’t have to be an expert in credit card fraud

Partnering with Allied Wallet means one less thing for you to worry about. We offer an easy set-up, customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and international expertise. In fact, we work in over 195 countries and with 164 different types of currency. Stop stressing about preventing credit card fraud on your own, and partner with us!

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