Allied Wallet Honored as 2016’s ‘Most Trusted Payment Service Provider’ by Investor Review

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Allied Wallet recently added to its list of awards and accolades. Reported by BusinessWire, Investor Review paid the company the honor of naming it “Most Trusted Payment Service Provider 2016 — North America”. The award comes as a part of the magazine’s 2016 Fund Elite Awards published in the November issue.

Trustworthiness is cited as one of the most desirable traits in individuals, and the same applies to online payment processing companies. It’s psychologically impossible to have peace of mind in a business relationship if you can’t trust your partner, especially when it comes to finance.

However, this is where Allied Wallet excels. As a merchant service provider (MSP) offering accounts in 196 countries for 164 currencies, we’ve developed a deep knowledge of challenges facing the global merchant service industry and issues affecting particular nations and regions. Service is both global and tailored to the needs of different merchants in different geographical areas.

Technology Creates Trust

Allied Wallet - 2 - earthAmong payment processing companies online, our dependability is based on payment card industry (PCI) compliant technology. PCI compliance is the highest security certification MSPs can achieve. Pursuing certification isn’t for those averse to facing IT hurdles or meeting tough stipulations from compliance officers.

PCI compliance has six goals: Creating and maintaining a secure network, guarding cardholder data, sustaining a vulnerability management program, applying strong access control measures, monitoring and testing networks regularly, and providing an information security policy. Allied Wallet can place a checkmark in all six boxes.

As TechTarget notes, “PCI compliance is required by all [payment] card brands… to protect card information during and after a financial transaction.” Flawless compliance protects merchants’ customer payment data from theft, simultaneously protecting the financial identity of consumers.

Dedication to Customers

Allied Wallet - 3 - new-york-cityOnline payment processing companies earn revenue by charging nominal fees for transactions that use accounts the companies host. Working in the background of the e-commerce scene, payment processors typically play a quiet, yet pivotal role in the online business plans of merchants and ensuring the digital financial security of merchants’ customers.

Not one to be a wizard behind the curtain, Allied Wallet founder and CEO, Dr. Andy Khawaja, speaks about his company’s dedication to service. “My goal is to see my merchants growing…I want to support them in expanding their businesses and security is of vital importance in that process,” he explains.

His company’s website goes further, noting Allied Wallet’s dedication to consumers: “[Our services] aren’t just restricted to merchant accounts. For the everyday consumer, [we have] designed the free digital wallet program.” For financial institutions: “A partnership with [Allied Wallet] extends your reach to far more customers and ultimately helps your bank grow.” The winning approach should garner the company future praise as it continues its leading role in the global e-commerce scene.

Contact Information

Allied Wallet provides secure payment processing for merchants, financial institutions, and consumers worldwide. We can be reached in the U.S. at (888) 255-1137 and in the U.K. at +44 203 318 8334. Additionally, you may contact us online.

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