Allied Wallet Awarded as a 2017 Silicon 100 Company

In June 2017, Allied Wallet was awarded by The Silicon Review as part of its annual Silicon100 awards. The Silicon Review honors companies with a Certificate of Excellence for their accomplishments, products, and services.

Allied Was recognized for its contributions to business and technology for providing a commendable solution for the e-commerce marketplace.

By providing a sophisticated, interconnected payment system for businesses, Allied Wallet has bridged the gap between e-commerce and point-of-sale transactions for global companies.

With Allied Wallet, a company can rely on one solution to handle their online transactions, point-of-sale transactions, and even integrate their employee and affiliate payouts within the service.

Allied Wallet prides itself on its ability to simplify payments for companies in 196 countries and provide payment processing in 164 currencies.

For their achievements in the payment space, Allied Wallet and Founder/CEO Dr. Andy Khawaja, proudly accepted the award in New Jersey from The Silicon Review’s Editor-In-Chief (Sreshtha Banerjee) and Managing Director (Vishnu Vardhan Kulkharni).

“We are very honored to receive another great award and to be recognized globally for the first-rate solution we strive to uphold. We will continue to innovate and provide industry-leading solutions and look forward to another year of international success,” said Dr. Andy Khawaja.

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