Allied Choc-allet

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and instead of the “corner store” box of chocolates, why not get your certain someone something special. Show her you’re cultured with an imported box of exquisite chocolates. When over 1,500 compounds combine to paint her palate with joy, you’ll be glad that you ordered yourself a chocolaty treat from one of our wonderful sweet-treat merchants.

Allied Wallet offers internet merchants the ability to accept credit cards. With a merchant account these storefront owners will see a new world of profit in their tasty treats. Allied Wallet makes it easy for these merchants to sell their products online whether they’re selling chocolates, teddy bears, or even a service like a cute, personalized telegram.

More and more merchants are offering their services online. Even brick-and-mortar, mom-and-pop candy shops are opening their doors to the world of the internet. With the ability to accept credit cards from nearly any currency, our merchants are finding that people enjoy their products internationally. Moreover, people love trying “exotic” things from lands that are far from their own. Accepting credit cards gives these customers an option to pay and buy something from a place they can’t afford to visit.

With just a few clicks, savory, aromatic Belgian chocolates can be shipped to your house. In seconds, a French merchant can receive orders for his/her delicious truffle delicacy. Everyone has access to enjoy the offerings of other cultures.

This Valentine’s Day our merchants will offer tastes of various lands to our American consumers including: French Valrhona, Italian Venchi, or Belgian Cote D’Or. The rest of the world has access to American brands like Blommer, Vermont, and Guittard.

The world loves chocolate. Chocolate triggers the release of serotonin and NPY which makes us feel a rush of endorphins. The feeling is said to mimic the feeling of love with an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and even a theobromine and caffeine propelled mental boost. Our sweet-dealing merchants bring a healthy and safe treat to cocoa connoisseurs all over the world and we are proud that we can offer them the means to do so.

Moreover, the world loves all kinds of new and interesting products. So why limit yourself to one region when you can accept credit cards internationally? Have you ever tried to manufacture your own blend of chocolate? Have you ever made something else you think would sell really well? Ideas are only as strong as the force you put behind it. With our merchant services, you can accept credit cards and start selling your products. Allied wallet makes it easy.

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