Accepting Credit Cards Online Just Got Easier

The internet is a beautiful place. Not only does it give us the ability to communicate with individuals on the other side of the globe, but it has given birth to a brand new economy. For consumers, brick-and-mortar shops no longer rule over our purchases, meaning the variety of products we can buy has expanded beyond belief. Also, how convenient is it to “run” errands without ever having to leave the couch?

When it comes to small and medium-sized businesses, how great is it to know that you can realistically compete with the big corporations, so long as you take care of your customers? And by taking care of your customers, I mean accepting credit cards online, offering them with 24-hour support, and unparalleled security. And if you previously thought that accepting credit cards online was too difficult of a step for your business to take, think again. By partnering with Allied Wallet, you’ll be joining the global market in no time.

A Hand in Going Global

Accepting credit cards online is one of the first features you should implement when striving to build a successful presence on the internet, but it’s important to cover all of your bases.

Sure, you want to support the mainstream credit card options like Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, but you shouldn’t stop there. The point of taking your business online was to reach a wider scope of consumers—and you don’t want to limit your growth by limiting the types of payments you can process.

By pairing with Allied Wallet you will be able to accept payments from more than 196 countries, work with more than 164 currencies, and accept nearly every form of payment, including ACH and European Direct Debit payments. No matter where your customers live, you’ll be able to bring your products to their doorstep—no hassle necessary.
No Conversion Fees, Thank You

You may think that accepting credit cards online is a mighty expensive service to offer, but when you pair up with Allied Wallet, you can rest assured that it will be affordable. Because your success is our greatest interest, each of our solutions is perfectly customized to suit your business’s needs, and you won’t have to pay for extra fees you aren’t interested in.

You may think that being able to process 164 different currencies is a bit excessive, but we allow you to take on the needs of the global market with a handy benefit: you won’t have to sweat the pricey conversion fees. We’ve got it covered.

A Smooth Customer Experience

Having happy customers means having a happy business. When your customers know that their transactions can be processed securely, when they can look forward to using your user-friendly checkout system, and they know that you have full 24-hour customer service care in case something goes wrong, you can rest assured that they’ll be satisfied—and satisfied customers means your business will be a whole lot easier to manage.

By partnering with Allied Wallet, accepting credit cards online just got a whole lot easier for your business. If you have any questions about the rest of our merchant services, contact us today!

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