Accepting Credit Card Payments Online For a Global Reach

The goal of a successful online business is accepting credit card payments online domestically and across the world. Credit cards are still the most popular way to pay for goods and services online.

To set up credit card processing on your website, you need to get an internet merchant account. You can get an internet merchant account through your local bank. In order to get all the major credit cards on your website available for processing, you may need to get internet merchant accounts with two separate banks. Many banks only deal with some of the credit cards involved.

To begin accepting credit card payments online, you can get an internet merchant account through a third party merchant provider. The advantages of getting an merchant account through a third party account provider are that most don’t require security deposits. They often can be bundled with e-commerce service packages that include the internet gateway you need for online credit card processing.

The disadvantage is higher fees. Discount fees in particular tend to be higher than if you had set up your internet merchant accounts through the banks.

What Consumers Want

When accepting credit card payments online through your business, consumers want the same things from your ecommerce website that they demand from in-store retailers. You have to make them feel comfortable before they’ll start shopping online.

Online payment systems and credit card processing are a case in point. Compare what happens online to paying for a purchase at an offline retailer. You need to do the same to get people shopping online.

Site security is a prime concern of potential online shoppers. If you are going to start accepting credit card payments online globally, you have to deal with both the reality and the perception of online credit card processing. The reality is that on a secured site, transmitting personal information such as credit card numbers is less dangerous than using a credit card in the “real world.”

You must have SSL (Secure Socket Layering) on your online payment pages, so you have the ability to handle encrypted transactions. You must visibly show your potential online shopper that your site is secure and that your online payment systems, such as credit card processing, are safe to use.

At Allied Wallet, we are a leader in the safety and security of electronic commerce transactions. We have built our business around PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance as an established internet payment service provider. We have all of the necessary resources to assist any business in accepting credit card payments online.

Allied Wallet offers customized payment solutions to businesses of any size. We provide payment processing services in 164 currencies, 196 countries, and nearly every payment method globally. Our PCI Level 1 Compliance and Proprietary Fraud Scrub provide the security needed to expand successfully. Allied Wallet is the ultimate payment gateway.

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