Accept Credit Cards Securely with Fraud Scrub Technology

In order to run a successful eCommerce site you simply need to be able to accept credit cards and process online payment transactions. You also need to ensure that every credit card transaction you process is done as safely and securely as possible. You want to make sure that your customers’ personal data and financial information is secure. You also need to ensure that each transaction you process is made by an authorized user using their own personal financial information.

A Good Scrub

Fraud scrub technology utilizes a number of technical systems and verification techniques to confirm the authenticity of each user in order to minimize fraud risk. Allied Wallet is a leader in online payment processing. We use a wide range of tools and techniques, including fraud scrub, so you can accept credit cards knowing that your clients information is safe and secure and that they are who they claim to be.

Avoid Fraud

Lost sales and product returns are a part of any business. While the lost revenue from these situations isn’t ideal, they don’t necessarily damage your business. Chargebacks from fraudulent transactions hurt a lot more than simple refunds.

If a transaction on your eCommerce site turns out to be fraudulent due to a stolen credit card or false identity you’re ultimately held responsible. What makes chargebacks so damaging is that they often aren’t discovered until well after the transaction has been completed. That means that the goods, the shipping and handling costs, and the cost of the sale are all lost. What’s more, is that these kinds of fraudulent transactions can make it more difficult or expensive to continue to accept credit cards and process online sales transactions.

How it Works

Fraud scrubbing technology uses a wide range of parameters to forecast the likelihood that the transaction is fraudulent or secure. Some of the tools utilized include real time verification from the credit provider, credit card address verification systems, and card verification codes (those numbers found on the back of a credit card). Fraud scrubbing helps your eCommerce site safely and securely accept credit cards by verifying IP addresses, matching IP geolocation with billing address, and even checks IP blacklists.

Stay Protected

Fraud scrubbing is a form of protection that doesn’t just cancel a sale. Some transactions may appear suspect but are actually authentic. If a customer is online shopping while on a work trip or a holiday their IP address and billing address won’t match. Fraud scrub can delay the transaction until further verification is possible. This means you can still process the transaction and make the sale while ensuring that customer information is authentic.

Let Us Keep You Secure

Online merchants around the world place their trust in Allied Wallet. That’s because we’re an industry leader in online payment processing. We keep consumers and merchants secure in their online payments options. Let us help you accept credit cards and grow your business. Contact us today to find out more.

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