A Step-by-step Tutorial in Accepting Credit Cards

Your small business is stable, but you are ready to take it to the next level by offering credit card payment on your website. The internet has been revolutionary for small businesses, letting your passion and products travel from your living room into the homes of customers across the world. Credit card processing online is proven to increase sales and harness impulse buyers. However, it can be overwhelming when learning how to accept credit cards on your website. Here are the basic steps that you need to make the transition as painless, and economical, as possible.

Who’s Doing the Work
When you start the process of how to accept credit cards on your site, you need to first decide who is going to do the work. In order to start accepting credit cards, you need to enter into an agreement either directly with the credit card company, or with an online payment gateway. If you decide to do this work yourself, be prepared for some serious paperwork, red tape, confusion, and even expenses. Learning how to accept credit cards on your site does not have to be discouraging if you hire an expert payment gateway to do that work for you. For a service fee, your payment gateway will handle all the online payment transactions for your company so that you can focus on your own products, not how to accept credit cards. Here at Allied Wallet, we want to be your payment experts and save you the stress of working with credit card companies directly.

Hire the Best Fit
Your online payment gateway company partnership is going to be one of the most important in your business life. Do not enter into this union lightly. Instead, do your research and make sure that you find a company that offers excellent customer service, quick initial set-up, outstanding security for transactions, and global experience.

At Allied Wallet, we believe that our customers deserve customer service at any time. You can reach us easily 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; we know that you work around the clock, when your children are napping, or when you feel you’re most creative and need customer support at all times. We are PCI Compliant and offer a safe and secure way for your customers to purchase your goods. Finally, we offer a wealth of global experience and knowledge, working in 196 countries and accepting 164 different currencies.

Get It Set Up
Your payment gateway will help you get moving once you know how to accept credit cards on your website. You should recognize that the company will need to set up their gateway on your website. Your gateway company should not hinder your business with days worth of set-up on your terminal. At Allied Wallet, we value your time and know that you want your products ready for purchase as soon as possible. We can have your site up and running in as little as twelve hours. Use the other half of that day to ship out orders that come in.

Online credit card purchasing doesn’t have to be intimidating, as long as you partner with the best payment gateway. Join us at Allied Wallet, and watch your business grow!

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