A Mobile App That Inexpensively Creates Product Videos

Have you ever thought of advertising your own product through videos? You might think that making these videos will cost you an arm and leg, as well as feeling unsatisfied if the videos are not quite like what you wanted they would be. What if you could actually create your own product videos with your own creative ideas? What if the cost was even less than getting them produced for you? For this reason, the Apple App Store has released MobileStudio by Liveclicker.

MobileStudio allows iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini users to enjoy all the features that the app has to offer. What MobileStudio does is that they help retailers to instantly create and advertise their products through videos. It allows them to create twenty to forty videos per day without wasting a lot of money and time in studio production.

By downloading the free version of MobileStudio, vendors can get movie templates, pre-licensed music, and even user-friendly editing features such as fade-ins. The app only requires two people to create a video, one as a product demonstrating model and the other as a video shooter. Creating a masterpiece product video only takes a few minutes. At the end, the app will automatically create a desktop, smartphone, and tablet version of the video. MobileStudio has a feature that actually enables retailers to efficiently make videos that the videos are shorter in length for mobile web sites, and that is a significant feature for e-retailers.

Shoppers who watch shorter product presentations lasting about 90 seconds or less are more likely to make a purchase than those who watch longer presentations, according to Justin Foster, co-founder of the company that built Liveclicker. In this case, why waste your time and money for expensive product videos when you can create shorter, inexpensive videos that can attract more buyers and increase your sales. “The video quality eventually might not be the same as the production studio has made; however, think of producing 20 or 100 times the quantity that will exceed a sales and customer stand point,” says Peter Cobb, the E-bags co-founder and executive vice president, “It is better to have 500 videos a month and have something appropriate for the customers than 5 videos of award-winning quality.”

Do you think MobileStudio will fit your businesses? Share your thoughts or experiences with us and other Allied Wallet merchants! Consider using MobileStudio today to help market your sales and grow your business today while Allied Wallet processes your payments.

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